Give React Native a(nother) try + ReactNative Navigation

  • React Native is no different from other – – tools in this regard, so I want to present a few reasons why you might want to give – – React Native a(nother) try now, just over two and a half years since its initial release.
  • # Native Navigation with React Navigation – – – – You start using React Native.
  • You can either use a library that wraps the native navigation APIs for the platform or a re-implementation of those APIs using the same React Native primitives (View, Text, Animated, etc) that you use throughout your app.
  • React Navigation ( is a “JavaScript-based” navigation solution and React Native Navigation is a “native” navigation library.
  • I lead the React Navigation along with the creator of the project, Eric Vicenti.

Brent Vatne (, ReactNative) and Eric Vicenti (ReactNative @Facebook) are in town delivering training…# Reasons to give React Native a(nother) tryWhen a highly hyped new tool is released, many
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Big changes afoot in the React/Redux ecosystem

  • If you’re using React and / or Redux, you should be aware of two major changes coming soon in each of those libraries.
  • In addition to the upcoming change in Redux, React has seen some major changes as well.
  • First, the new Context API was proposed and landed, the first major change using React’s new RFC process.
  • Once it comes out from behind that flag, you’ll be able to use Context in your applications, knowing that this is a stable API you can rely on.
  • The reason for this major change is they’ve found these lifecycle methods could be potentially unsafe in an async world, so they’re suggesting moving most of the logic previously implemented in the methods to either or the method itself.

First, Redux just released v4.0.0-beta.1. There doesn’t appear to be any major changes breaking changes unless you were using some of the types Redux is no longer exporting. There are also some additional checks and errors around dispatching too early in middleware, so it should solve a common pitfall when setting up middleware. It’s a problem I’ve experienced a few times when using brookjs and it’s why we recommend dispatching an INIT action after the application is bootstrapped.
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Best Practice: How I structure my React/ Redux projects

  • But when developing larger projects one have to think about a good structure of components and code artifacts.
  • When it comes to sharing components and (redux-)logic between several project a good composition is keen.
  • The initial project structure created by React Create App looks as follows: – – When you start introducing Redux you also need places for the typical redux artifacts: the store, reducers, epics and actions.
  • contains the reducers which may change the store’s state based on the actions of this component: { } ; { } ; ({ value , output Enter your name and press submit! })
  • For this reason my components always also include a set of actions, epics and reducers: – – includes a plain react component which is wrapped by within : – – These component redux structures may also be with multiple levels, just like the usual ones mentioned above.

When developing frontends I personally love to work with React and Redux due to its functional paradigms: You can easily develop, compose and test web components – Wondeful. But when developing larger projects one have to think about a good structure of components and code artifacts. When it comes to sharing components and (redux-)logic between several project a good composition is keen.
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We built our entire startup on React Native and this is what we found out

We built our entire startup on #ReactNative and this is what we found out:  #developer

  • However with the Android market share being pretty high, we had to make sure our app worked on both Android and iOS.
  • We wanted the iOS app to look and feel native.That’s where React Native came into the picture.
  • Could React Native pull this off and still look native?A few months down the line, with our iOS and Android app on the respective stores, I can tell you the journey was nothing but spectacular.
  • But hey, if we could go from an iOS app to fully functional Android app in 2 days, can it really get any better?Honestly I have never written an app for iOS on objective C that didn’t crash during beta testing a few times.
  • And to my amazement, our React Native app on iOS is yet to crash even once during production run.

At Genie! we like to spend most of our time giving our users the best experience to send and receive gifts. However I only had expertise writing apps for iOS and not Android. When we first decided to…
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Getting Started With React Programming

Getting Started With #ReactProgramming by @KumarPraveen179 cc @CsharpCorner  #Reactjs

  • You should know the basic concepts of JavaScript like – – – Basically, it is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • We can say that it’s a new type of JS library, offering a new approach to build/update a View.
  • It creates a virtual DOM to track the changes when the application state is updated and uses the virtual DOM to update only those parts of a page which have been changed.
  • It was first deployed on Facebook’s Newsfeed in 2011 and after that, on – – Where To Use React – – As we discussed above, it’s a JavaScript library so, it is possible to use React everywhere where JavaScript code can be executed.
  • In the upcoming article, I will explain more about virtual DOM using programming example along with the graphical view.

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is developed by Facebook to facilitate the building with the interactive, stateful and reusable UI components.
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Meet our MC 👋 – React Day Berlin – Medium

Meet the #ReactDayBerlin MC @robinpokorny:  #ReactJS #Jest

  • I’ve been working with React for almost 3 years now, and it led me to also try other functional languages, so in this sense, React was really helpful for my career.What do you think is the future of web and mobile development?That’s difficult to say.
  • There are a few initiatives that come to mind: For one, there’s WebAssembly with which you can have some really low level language in the browser, and that’s great, because we’ll be able to create more powerful stuff compared to nowadays, when we’re mostly dependent on JavaScript.The other improvement could…
  • What’s your most awaited feature in testing tools?Obviously, Jest will never be completely automated, on the other hand, if you look at snapshot testing, that kind of is Jest is doing a major part of the job, generating something that you only manage and approve changes.
  • I know how difficult it is to organize, how much time and effort you need, and I’m really grateful that someone experienced is bringing a React conference to Berlin, so I’m excited.
  • I hope it’s gonna be a lot of fun and I get to meet new people, see how they use React in their jobs.Where do you get your inspiration for being an MC?This is not the first time for me, and ever since I was one some time ago, I…

An MC can often make or break a conference, and we couldn’t be more grateful to Robin for taking up this challenge! In the following interview, we discuss his career in software development and his…
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Check out React in Motion today for a steal – 50% off #Reactjs @reactionaryjs

Check out React in Motion today for a steal - 50% off  #Reactjs @reactionaryjs

  • This powerful web framework reinvents the way you create web UI, making it possible to build responsive browser-based applications with flowing, flicker-free screens.
  • The React in Motion liveVideo course gets you up and running with React just as smoothly.
  • As you work through the efficient crystal-clear tutorials from experienced React developer Zac Braddy, you’ll learn the ins and outs of React development, essential techniques for working with reactive applications, and handy code reuse techniques that will save you time and effort!
  • In this liveVideo, you’ll start with the fundamentals of React, as you build your first application.
  • You’ll learn how to set up the perfect build environment, build your own components, make asynchronous calls to third party APIs, efficiently test, debug, and then finally deploy your finished reactive applications!

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