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  • Created by Alibaba, Ant Design React includes a great many polished and usable components — probably more than any other React UI library.Ant Design (Date Range Picker)Component Breadth: A+Every component we needed is included.Quality of implementation: AGood-looking components, plenty of options and interoperability.Ease of re-styling: B+Themeable, but not built for overhaul.Typescript support: A+Written…
  • Typescript support: FDoes not appear to have any TypeScript typings.Quality of documentation: BInteractive examples of each component, but nothing else about the framework itself.Project health: B~1.5K Github stars, maintained by open-source contributors.Cost: FreeAn implementation of the popular Semantic UI framework, this library is polished has a lot to offer, but…
  • Type bindings are still in development, but are included for most components.Quality of documentation: A+Interactive examples of each component, clear navigation information on theming, component options, and sample layouts.Project health: B~1.5K Github stars, maintained by open-source contributors.Cost: FreeSencha’s React UI framework is costly each year, but its breadth of components,…
  • Ease of re-styling: A+Clear documentation on theming, four built-in themes (including Material Design and Bootstrap), and support for Sencha Themer.Typescript support: A+Written in TypeScript, with full bindings.Quality of documentation: AExamples of each component, with tons of options explained, but a bit confusing to navigate, and interactive examples are often limited…
  • It appears to simply be a set of wrappers for jQuery version.Kendo UI React (Dropdown)Component Breadth: A-Not as many components as the Angular/jQuery versions, but could be enough for many applications.Quality of implementation: ASeem robust, though the default style isn’t wonderful.Ease of re-styling: A+Clear documentation on theming, four built-in themes…

The open-source community around React is enormous, and we’re constantly seeing new solutions and approaches to solve the problems we have as developers. Looking into React UI libraries, we’ve come a…
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Sweet 16

Cluj-Napoca | TONIGHT: Boost #reactjs and #webpack performance with @ggrgur

  • Cluj.JS is an outlet for developers to engage and learn about all things JavaScript.
  • We will have discussions on a variety of frameworks and experience levels.
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  • The discussion is suitable for beginners and experienced developers.
  • Sweet 16 – Steps for Boosting React and Webpack Performance in 45 minutes

Performance is always one of the main traits of web applications, no matter if it’s perceived by the end user, server, or developers. From optimizing build times to decreasing bundle sizes and strateg
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AngularJS or React JS? Which one suits my busin…

#AngularJS or #ReactJS? Which one suits my #business requirement?  #WebsiteOntwikkeling

  • It is known as a framework but it is JavaScript library that offers great support for web application development .
  • After the blog, I hope it becomes easier for you to decide on the technology for web application development.
  • It has resulted in increased efficiency of development of web applications.
  • It is now among most popular frameworks for web app development .
  • Reat.js offers SX files that suits contemporary way of web application development.

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@rasinbekkevold: “#AngularJS or #ReactJS? Which one suits my #business requirement? #WebsiteOntwikkeling”

When you are running a business, it is important to choose the right kind of IT structure that suits your business requirements while you are looking into aspects of the budget. In todays time when development is moving towards Front End Development, JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, Ext JS, React.js etc are much popular among developers and IT companies as a part of the IT structure technology stack.

AngularJS or React JS? Which one suits my busin…