React JavaScript for web development. For SD-WAN solution

The Internet is written in JavaScript- Latest development trends  #SDWANSolutions #SDWAN

  • They focus mainly on Single Page Applications (SPAs) that allow you to perform client-server operations in a single web page without having to refresh the page.
  • Among the most popular web development frameworks out there are Angular.js, Vue.js or React.js.
  • When a state change occurs in React.js, those functions are once again executed to determine a new virtual representation of the page.
  • This result is then automatically translated into the Document Object Model (DOM, that is, the web object representation) changes necessary to reflect the new page presentation.
  • At Teldat, our use of React.js to develop web applications for our network device clients on our SD-WAN solutions, allows us to offer attractive, robust and efficient applications that the end user finds easy to use.

Web development centered on JavaScript language. Especially React.js. Use React.js for web applications of network solutions… Teldat SD-WAN solution.
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Getting started with code splitting using react-loadable • matwrites

  • One of the most popular ways of making our React app load faster is code-splitting.
  • It has a huge impact on the performance by not letting the user download the whole app with vendors at once (we can easily achieve bundle size around ~2mb by adding most common tools and libraries).
  • One of the methods to split our code is to bundle vendors and the app separately.
  • That way our end-user doesn’t need to download the whole bundle and is being served with required chunks of the package when they’re really needed.
  • What if we split our bundle around the components that actually import specific bundle parts instead of splitting the code around routes at which they are required?

Developing and building our client-side apps has never been easier. NPM and it’s registry is giving us an access to thousands of thousands of packages. Installing them and attaching to the project is super easy today, but it has one major disadvantage: increasing bundle size.
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My hyper-talented friend is looking for front-end dev work (React/JS) from October onwards. His site: . Pls share!

  • I quickly came to depend on Ben’s knowledge and expertise on all aspects of the development of our Backbone.js app.
  • I don’t think the workshop would have been such a success without Ben.”
  • “Ben was able to apply his front-end development and architecture experience from day one, helping us come up with and validate key architecture choices and avoid costly mistakes as we scale Kayako to be used by 10,000s organisations worldwide to support millions of end users.
  • We found Ben’s advice to be realistic and pragmatic, factoring in resource constraints, business needs of the day and balancing those with future scalability benefits.
  • “Ben’s Javascript for Beginners workshop was extremely useful.

I can work with you to plan, architect and review how you can achieve seamless development, so I can impart my knowledge and point you in the right direction. I’m well versed in where and how bottlenecks can appear, but also how to solve and avoid them.
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Pls share!”