Why You Should Consider ReactJS for Your Web Application?

Why You Should Consider #ReactJS for Your #WebApplication? 

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  • Yes, we are talking about ReactJS – the JavaScript library which is the hot favorite of developers and is climbing the popularity charts every day.
  • Managing system updates is very easy with ReactJS because every change does not necessarily affect each component in the system.
  • Developers using ReactJS have free access to a variety of useful applications and tools from the community at large.
  • Apart from these, there are numerous other examples such as Uber, Salesforce, KISSmetrics, Tesla, Scribd, Reddit, Periscope and many more which have leveraged the power of ReactJS to build world-class interactive web applications.
  • If you are looking to develop SEO-friendly, interactive web applications with great UI and expect your application to handle heavy traffic, it’s time to migrate to ReactJS.

According to the 2016 StackOverflow developer survey, React.Js’s popularity had recently increased by over 300%.What is making ReactJS so popular? Let’s take a look why you should consider ReactJS for your web application?
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Now that it’s okay to use @reactjs again, I can say: I’ve been working on this @WordPress + React thing for awhile

  • Postlight’s Headless WordPress + React Starter Kit is an automated toolset that will spin up two things: – – The following setup will get WordPress running locally on your machine, along with the WordPress plugins you’ll need to create and serve custom data via the WP REST API.
  • To install and start WordPress, run the following command: – – When that completes successfully, the WordPress REST API will be available at http://localhost:8080.
  • To import data and media from a live WordPress install locally, use Migrate DB Pro.
  • At this point you can start setting up custom fields, and if necessary, creating custom REST API endpoints in the Postlight Headless WordPress Starter theme.
  • Once you have Docker installed on your computer, you can run the container locally using this command:

headless-wp-starter – 🔪 WordPress + React: a starter kit
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