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CSS Modules with #ReactJS: The Complete Guide

  • css$/, use: [ { loader: ‘style-loader’, }, { loader: ‘css-loader’, options: { sourceMap: true, modules: true, localIdentName: ‘[local]___[hash:base64:5]’ } } ],}]CSS module makes CSS classes local for every component declared within by adding hashes in class names which are unique to each component, thus preventing CSS classes from one component overriding or conflicting with CSS in other components.Here is a simple example:panel.jsimport React from “react”;import style from “.
  • panelBody { padding: 15px;}Here classes panel and panelDefault are specific to Panel component and global class container comes from bootstrap applicable to whole site.An interesting thing to notice while writing multiple classes is that, if were to define class in html structure and do not define that class in CSS file, the genereated HTML will literally have undefined class.
  • panelBody { padding: 15px;}The generated HTML will be:div class=”undefined panelDefault___3JNN6″ div class=”panelBody___3OqQA”A Basic Panel/div/divSharing variables between CSS and JSOne of the things that excites me about CSS modules is ability to export variables from CSS file for use in JS file.
  • And there is a little extra step to get this working.With CSS modules, any CSS file a component is importing is local to the component as we are instructing webpack to map our CSS class names to unique hash based identifiers.A simple approach can be: define all locally scoped CSS along with each component js file and define global CSS in a separate direactory.All the CSS files inside app directory are locally scoped.locally coped css filesAnd CSS files inside styles directory can be global to whole site.To get this approach working, we have to add a simple configuration in our webpack config file.rules: [{ test: /\.
  • :)CSS module does not affect element and attribute selectorsWith CSS modules, class names are locally scoped to component in which it is defined, however, html element and attribute selectors are untouched.panel.jsdiv class=”panelDefault” div class=”panelBody” a color: salmon;}a{ text-decoration: none;}Here, above styles are global and applied across entire project.

In the developer community today, we are seeing new design patterns, libraries and frameworks trying to make front end systems even better. Web components are becoming de-facto in developing front…
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contra/react-responsive — Media queries in react for responsive design #reactjs

 — Media queries in react for responsive design 


  • For a list of all possible shorthands and value types see numbers given as a shorthand will be expanded to px ( will become )

    You may also specify a function for the child of the MediaQuery component.

  • When the component renders, it is passed whether or not the given media query matches.
  • You may specify an optional property on the that indicates what component to wrap children with.
  • If the property is not defined and the has more than 1 child, a will be used as the “wrapper” component by default.
  • The values property can contain , , , , , , , , , , , and to be matched against the media query.

react-responsive – Media queries in react for responsive design
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— Media queries in react for responsive design


Help people make more intelligent decisions whilst working with #reactjs and #clojurescript

Help people make more intelligent decisions whilst working with #reactjs and #clojurescript

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  • Their aim is to help customers take advantage of the best prices and services on offer from suppliers so they can get their best deal.

Empower people to make intelligent decisions. (Reactjs, Javascript, Clojurescript)
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intro-to-react/README.md at master · ericvicenti/intro-to-react · GitHub

  • We can modify our component to display the data being passed in:

    Near the top of the file, lets add some different places that we might want to display weather for:

    Now, upgrade the App’s render function to iterate over each place, and render a tag for it.

  • We want our app to be able to switch between places, so we can use state to keep that data in our App component.
  • Let’s use the and in our App component:

    At this point, your file should look like this.

  • Let’s install it, alongside which provides the React components for it:

    In the top of the app file, import the css from the bootstrap module:

    Next, import the components we want to use from .

  • Now, replace the App component’s render function to use the bootstrap components:

    Now our app is starting to look more polished, but it would be nice to have a custom theme.

intro-to-react – A Hands-On Walkthrough of your first React Web App
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