Server-side Rendering Shootout with Marko, Preact, Rax, React and Vue

Server-side rendering shootout with Marko, Preact, Rax, #ReactJS, and #VueJS:  #JavaScript

  • Virtual DOM will never be the fastest on the server – you just can’t beat strings.
  • Soon after, it was suggested that Preact be added to the benchmark and sobear (the original benchmark author) added it and continued to work on making the benchmark more fair and meaningful.
  • Vue was added to the benchmark and it was pointed out that the benchmark was not running in production mode (using process.env.NODE_ENV = ‘production’ ) and that could skew results.
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  • When compiled for the browser, rendering builds a virtual DOM tree that can be diffed directly with the browser’s DOM (powered by morphdom )- similar to the approaches in these other libraries.

Last week Alibaba announced a React-like library called Rax. Rax is a more lightweight implementation of the React renderer and it’s “universal”. It can run in Node.js, in the browser, and on top of…
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ReactJS Seed Application: Why Not Start with the Real Deal?

#ReactJS seed application: Why not start with the real deal?

  • Looking at the most common React seed applications you will see that they have, for each component, a custom folder and they group them all as components.
  • Everyone knows if you google for “React seed application” or “React boilerplate” you will find tons of prebuilt seed applications out there, some of which are being used by thousands of people.
  • Selecting Browserify as our initial stack is a very good example of why a seed application can be useful.
  • After looking at these, we found that though a lot of them offered unique and interesting concepts, none of them seemed very scalable to us for use in large web applications.
  • For one, a seed application allowed us to try out different libraries and project structures without the restriction of a particular use case.

Hyperwallet’s Software Development Team Lead looks into tools for building their final browser version in ReactJS.
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ReactNL conference 2016

  • create custom React components
  • In the training we’ll take a different approach.
  • The training modules are connected linearly, providing a smooth path to learn React.
  • When you’re done with the training you’ll end up with a fully functional React app.
  • React is a UI library, but there is a vast ecosystem of libraries around React to help you creating applications.

ReactNL is a one-day, multi-track ReactJS conference in The Netherlands bringing top speakers, quality food, entertainment and professional training.
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