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Do you know? #ReactNative gives fantastic benefits of increased productivity.  #Mobileapp

  • Businesses always search for the apps offering optimum user experience, quick to market and run on maximum platform or devices.
  • Since, the Hybrid mobile apps have become the most effective channel of achieving business goals, it requires the capable tech partner such as byPeople Technology.
  • We are a React Native Development Company developing apps that run on Androind, iOS, Windows, and other known platforms offering native UI experience.
  • We create extremely convincing “Native” Hybrid mobile applications with React Native.

We are top rated React Native app development company. Hire ReactNative Expert or Team for Hybrid iOS/Android app development.
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Enlightened Views — Creating a library for cutting-edge UI patterns in React Native { author: @fiber_god }

  • RN uses the native elevation prop on Android, and for iOS, you have to set a style configuration consisting of opacity, offset, color, and radius.
  • This worked well, but it had a few problems: it wasn’t touchable, could only support elevation levels 1-5, and didn’t generate any feedback.
  • I also added its own feedback mode, which allows the user to configure the shadow to diminish or expand when interacted with, which leads to really cool effects.
  • Also on iOS, you can change the color of your shadow to be whatever you please.
  • I’d like to thank the author of for inspiring my work and to congratulate him for landing calculated iOS styles into his component recently.

Cross-Platform Elevation with React Native
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{ author: @fiber_god }”

Tony Spiro

JSON Powers The World  #javascript #webdev #angularjs #nodejs #php #RubyonRails #reactjs

  • Notice we have a couple values (array and object) that can nest other values.
  • When we want to request different values from this JSON object, we would simply “namespace” our values.
  • JSON provides the information for the world in which we live.
  • It is in the simple structure, nestable and non-nestable values, that JSON provides so much value.
  • An Object – can nest other values 6. null

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@tonyspiro: “JSON Powers The World #javascript #webdev #angularjs #nodejs #php #RubyonRails #reactjs”

We live in a time when APIs rule the land.  APIs power our world of information from our phones to our desktops to our watches and even our cars.   Every connected device you can think of hooks up to an API for its data DNA.  In our continuously changing environment of programming languages and devices, APIs are the one thing we’ve come to rely on to be the constant.  And in the world of APIs, there is one king of formats and that is JSON.  In this article I’m going to give you a brief introduction to JSON and touch on some of the reasons why it’s been chosen to power our world.

Tony Spiro