Detox Testing with React Native feat. Rotem Mizrachi Meidan of Wix

  • Guests: Rotem Mizrachi Meidan of Wix to Discuss Testing with Detox.
  • In today’s show the React Native Radio team speaks with Rotem Mizrahi.
  • Rotem is part of the core team of the mobile build at six , as he supports infrastructure and testing.
  • Rotem speaks about the development of Detox and the important uses.
  • Could you use Detox with something like Expo?

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How to do end-to-end testing on React Native with Detox

  • They are being performed on matched elements.Expect verifies if a certain value is as expected to be.As we can see detox covers a lot of possible user interactions that can be automated.Make our tests more readableTo be honest, we can do much better.First let’s get rid of the duplication for matchers…
  • Automate the process and land on the moon 🚀Once we reached a certain amount of tests, we thought it could be nice to automate the process and think in terms of “continuous testing”.
  • That’s why we decided to run the end-to-end test on our build server.Every new pull request that comes in, triggers unit tests with Jest on CircleCI and now also our end-to-end tests on Bitrise (our build server).
  • This is mostly due to the Detox build scripts.AlternativesWe also considered others libraries such as:Appium which is a cross platform test library where tests can be written in many languages (node, ruby, java, … ).
  • Hence, our choice of using Detox.ConclusionIn this article we saw how to handle Detox and its API, how to automate everything with Bitrise (or any CI that can runs an IOS Simulator).

When we started writing our React-Native app at Home, testing was something we took seriously from day one. While it was easy to setup a proper unit-tests workflow with Jest and Typescript, we figure…
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Testing in React Native — Jest & Detox –

Testing in React Native  with  Jest & Detox

#ReactJS #Jest

  • Testing can help identify bugs introduced during the development phase of the app and addressing these bugs before release means that your users will always get to use a reliable product.What kind of tests can we use?Unit tests are used to test small modular pieces of code (aka units) independently.Integration tests…
  • One of my favorite things about Jest is a feature called Snapshot testing.Snapshot tests are a very useful tool whenever you want to make sure the UI for a component or the object from an redux action or reducer does not change unexpectedly.Here’s a good explanation of what a snapshot…
  • Here’s a simple example on how to set this up.Jest tests for Pillow Pro appE2E tests: DetoxAn end-to-end test emulates a user by finding and interacting with pieces of UI in your app in a production/release environment.Detox is a gray box E2E Tests and Automation Library for Mobile Apps built by WixWe…
  • Here’s how we handle them in Detox:LoginHere’s a simple example of what a detox test for logging into the app might look like:DemoAnd finally, here’s a part of our E2E test suite in action.
  • Also, automating the tests on Bitrise CI has helped us streamline our release pipeline by preceding every release with the tests workflow.Hopefully, this post details how easy it is to test a React Native app and automate the testing process as well.

At Pillow, we release an update to our Pillow Pro app (iOS & Android) every 2 weeks or so. Most releases are over-the-air (OTA) updates that are done using CodePush, and are fully automated with…
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