Celebrating a Joyful JavaScript Certification

  • Although I had taken few online courses on JavaScript, I always lacked confidence in my JavaScript skills, because I had learned the language from a variety of sources and felt that there were several gaps in my JavaScript understanding.
  • Furthermore, as far as my freelance programming experience goes, I can tell that JavaScript developers are always busy, since they get the most freelance jobs (when classified by programming languages for web development).
  • However, since I already had a decent experience with JavaScript, I didn’t want to go through another course to earn a certificate (furthermore, I already had such certificates).
  • So I soon loaded up the JavaScript certification exam page for details about cost and exam process.
  • The first part of the exam was a theoretical test containing 20 single and multiple choice questions, each of which had a time limit of 1.5 minutes.

This post tells the story of my JavaScript certification preparation and success.
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React Universal with Next.js: Server-side React

#ReactJS Universal with #NextJS: Server-side React

  • /pages/index.js // Import React import React from ‘react’ // Export an anonymous arrow function // which returns the template export default () => (

    This is just so easy!

  • import React from ‘react’ import Head from ‘next/head’ import axios from ‘axios’; export default class extends React.
  • Our index page does not implement this performance related feature in details page.
  • /pages/details.js import React from ‘react’ // Import Link from next import Link from ‘next/link’ export default () => (

    Coming soon. . .!

The term “universal” is a community-coined term for building web apps that render happily on a server. You might be familiar with “isomorphic” as…
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