The Observer Pattern In Javascript

  • The observer pattern, also referred to as the publish/subscribe pattern, is a design pattern where an object (called the subject or observable), will maintain a list of “dependents” called observers.
  • This video is a good summary of the Observer pattern chapter in the book Head First Design Patterns book.

    Redux: A use case for the observer pattern
    If you work in the world of React, you have probably dealt with Redux to manage the state of your application.

  • Redux is an implementation of the observer pattern.
  • This method “pushes” new subscribers to the array

    const subscribe = (listener) = (

    Remember that subscribe is called in the componentDidMount method which fires immediately after the component mounts.

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Redux and The Command Pattern – Front-end developer – Medium

Redux and the command pattern:  #ReactJS

  • The Command Pattern is a great pattern for architecting really clean decoupled systems.
  • There are several elements to the Command Pattern: the Receiver , Command , and the Executor .
  • Let’s get into the Command Pattern, then translate this to Redux.
  • Knowing the Command Pattern makes learning Redux a lot easier!
  • Design patterns represent the best practices used by experienced software developers.

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@ReactiveConf: “Redux and the command pattern: #ReactJS”

There are two things I know for absolute certainty in the Software industry.

Redux and The Command Pattern – Front-end developer – Medium