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React UI Frameworks, Compared  #reactjs #semanticui #antdesign #react #javascript #reactjs

  • Created by Alibaba, Ant Design React includes a great many polished and usable components — probably more than any other React UI library.Ant Design (Date Range Picker)Component Breadth: A+Every component we needed is included.Quality of implementation: AGood-looking components, plenty of options and interoperability.Ease of re-styling: B+Themeable, but not built for overhaul.Typescript support: A+Written…
  • Typescript support: FDoes not appear to have any TypeScript typings.Quality of documentation: BInteractive examples of each component, but nothing else about the framework itself.Project health: B~1.5K Github stars, maintained by open-source contributors.Cost: FreeAn implementation of the popular Semantic UI framework, this library is polished has a lot to offer, but…
  • Type bindings are still in development, but are included for most components.Quality of documentation: A+Interactive examples of each component, clear navigation information on theming, component options, and sample layouts.Project health: B~1.5K Github stars, maintained by open-source contributors.Cost: FreeSencha’s React UI framework is costly each year, but its breadth of components,…
  • Ease of re-styling: A+Clear documentation on theming, four built-in themes (including Material Design and Bootstrap), and support for Sencha Themer.Typescript support: A+Written in TypeScript, with full bindings.Quality of documentation: AExamples of each component, with tons of options explained, but a bit confusing to navigate, and interactive examples are often limited…
  • It appears to simply be a set of wrappers for jQuery version.Kendo UI React (Dropdown)Component Breadth: A-Not as many components as the Angular/jQuery versions, but could be enough for many applications.Quality of implementation: ASeem robust, though the default style isn’t wonderful.Ease of re-styling: A+Clear documentation on theming, four built-in themes…

The open-source community around React is enormous, and we’re constantly seeing new solutions and approaches to solve the problems we have as developers. Looking into React UI libraries, we’ve come a…
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React-based UI frameworks – Prototyping: From UX to Front End

React-based UI frameworks  #webdesign #uidesign #webdevelopment #react #javascript #reactjs

  • Most of these are meant more as a window into process (and as a recruiting tool) than as an open standard that other developers can use, but the principles are the same: a reusable library of components with standardized markup.Having a strong design system and a frontend architecture that’s designed to support it is incredibly powerful.Today, even more of the frontend stack has evolved toward a modular, component-based architecture.
  • Here’s the markup for the Feedback component in MailChimp’s library:div class=”feedback-block warning section” role=”status” div class=”lastUnit size1of1″ div class=”c-media” div class=”c-mediaImage v-isFreddicon” span class=”freddicon warn-circle”/span /div div class=”c-mediaBody–centered” h4Account status /h4 p You closed your account on Nov 29, 2013 07:00 pm /p /div /div /div/divDepending on the component, you may also need to include a JS file to handle any interactivity or other logic the component needs.In React, the markup and logic for this component would be defined in only one place, so rendering it would look something like this:Feedback type=”warning” title=”Account status” You closed your account on Nov 29, 2013 07:00 pm/FeedbackReact’s templating system is JSX — this concise version will get translated into the same markup as the top example in the browser.
  • The great thing about this system is that if the keepers of the MailChimp design system wanted to change this component, they’d just change it in one place — the JSX for rendering it would stay the same.
  • In the old world, updating the uses of this component would be a messy and error-prone find-and-replace operation.Having a strong design system and a frontend architecture built around it is incredibly powerful.
  • More importantly, users benefit from a predictable system that works the same everywhere across an app — every time I see a Feedback block in MailChimp it looks and works exactly the same, so my brain spends less effort understanding what’s happening and more on whatever I’m actually trying to accomplish.The list of React-based UI frameworks is steadily growing.

There’s a new crop of web UI frameworks in town, in the grand tradition of Bootstrap, a framework developed at Twitter. Five years ago, Bootstrap was not only an easy way to put together a UI that…
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Ant Design

  • We recommend to tag your questions with antd on Stack Overflow.
  • If you have any idea to improve antd, just create a Pull Request .
  • And we encourage experienced users to help those who are not familiar with antd .
  • Following Ant Design, a design language for creating user friendly and beautiful websites.
  • // import js and css modularly, parsed by babel-plugin-import import { DatePicker } from ‘antd’ ;

Ant Design – An enterprise-class UI design language and React-based implementation
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Front-end Technologies to Create Awesome User Experience

Frontend Tech forCool #UX

@angularjs @jquery @getuikit @vuejs @reactjs @semanticui @phonegap

  • Hides most of the code of web application using two way data binding.
  • Sends only important information on the webpage to the server to develop faster and more interactive web applications.
  • An awesome user experience not only allows users to interact effectively with the website functionality but also retains them for longer.
  • Allows user to develop apps using standard web APIs in all major mobile OS.
  • UI Kit – It is most often used framework to develop iOS applications.

Want to create lasting user experience for your website users? Here is the list of tools and technologies that can help you.
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