We built our entire startup on React Native and this is what we found out

We built our entire startup on #ReactNative and this is what we found out:  #developer

  • However with the Android market share being pretty high, we had to make sure our app worked on both Android and iOS.
  • We wanted the iOS app to look and feel native.That’s where React Native came into the picture.
  • Could React Native pull this off and still look native?A few months down the line, with our iOS and Android app on the respective stores, I can tell you the journey was nothing but spectacular.
  • But hey, if we could go from an iOS app to fully functional Android app in 2 days, can it really get any better?Honestly I have never written an app for iOS on objective C that didn’t crash during beta testing a few times.
  • And to my amazement, our React Native app on iOS is yet to crash even once during production run.

At Genie! we like to spend most of our time giving our users the best experience to send and receive gifts. However I only had expertise writing apps for iOS and not Android. When we first decided to…
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React Server

  • When you write your app for react-server, you concentrate on your React components, and react-server takes care of everything else that’s needed to run and deploy real React server-rendered apps.
  • React-server is a framework designed to make universal (née isomorphic) React easier to write, providing standard answers for these questions and more.
  • Once you’re hungry for more, dig into the docs and react-server itself.
  • # install yeoman npm install -g yo # install the react-server generator npm install -g generator-react-server # make a new react-server project in the CURRENT directory yo react-server # compile and run the new app npm run compile npm run start # go to http://localhost:3000
  • Under the hood, react-server is doing a bunch of clever optimizations, many borrowed from the ideas behind Facebook’s Big Pipe , to make sure that your site shows up as quickly as humanly possible for your users.

Blazing fast page load and seamless navigation. Powered by React Server.
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