React Code Style with ESLint + Babel + Webpack

  • ESLint in JavaScript helps you to set up rules and to enforce code style.
  • You can setup rules for JavaScript and React to enforce a unified code style.
  • ESLint rules apply for a lot of different code style use cases.
  • We could use other extensions as well, but at this time the Airbnb Code Style and the according ESLint configuration are very popular and well accepted by developers.
  • And you can disable a rule in a local file: – – There are a handful of useful style guides in the JavaScript and React community.

You want to setup ESLint in your ReactJs project? But your project includes Babel and Webpack? This article will guide you through all the options with style guides such as Airbnb’s style guide, the setup process for ESLint in React, and more beneficial recommendations to follow styling rules in your project …
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