React native or phonegap- build apps the easy way

React native or phonegap- build apps the easy way - @konstantinfo #MobileApps #WhaTech

  • To make this happen in reality, the communities of expert developers out there have changed the ruled of the app development by creating super-fast frameworks like React Native and PhoneGap.
  • Most mobile app development companies of today are working on improving their React Native and PhoneGap app development skills so as to gratify the business requirements of every company, entrepreneur, startup and enterprise across the worlds.
  • Belonging to the cross-platform app development, both PhoneGap and React Native frameworks only maintain a single codebase in HTML, CSS and JavaScript web technologies for both iOS and Android, instead of constructing parallel codebases in Swift and Java.
  • Since React Native is all about JavaScript, mobile app development companies need not train their employees exclusively on certain skills.
  • Related Article: The 7 Best Hybrid App Development Frameworks for 2017 – – In sum, those not from the tech world may only believe native Android and iOS apps to be the only solutions to delivering an engaging and feature-rich app experience to the users.

Now develop your mobile apps the cross-platform way where they look and feel like native with React Native and PhoneGap. React Native is Facebook’s backed UI component library making app development easier than ever before.
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Exponent SDK v13.0.0 is now available – The Exponent Log

Exponent SDK v13.0.0 is now available  #reactnative #react #reactjs

  • 0.40.0 was a painful update for people who use React Native without Exponent because of a bunch of breaking changes on the native side, but with Exponent it’s easy because we took care of all of that for you 🙂
  • Pass over the list of Breaking changes above to see if your app is impacted, and fix them if so.
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  • You no longer need to upload the images to a server of your own, instead you can specify the path within your project for loading.icon , loading.backgroundImage , notification.icon , and just icon , and Exponent will upload the images to a CDN for you.

Exponent SDK 13.0.0 is based on the recently released React Native
0.40.0 (“December”). This is a jump of 3 versions of React Native; Exponent
SDK 12.0.0 was based off of 0.37.0. See the release…
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Do you think Ionic or React Native can ever replace the Java SDK in Android?

Can #ionic or #ReactNative ever replace the Java SDK in #Android?

  • Not fully replace, but if you are a js developer of have a team of js developers is interesting to have 1 language to make the forntend web, and the app mobile 🙂
  • It’s not designed with complex 3D games in mind, which might be possible with Java.
  • At the stage product rebuild again, with native technology’s.
  • My opinion is that V8 never replace the Java SDK regarding mobile contexts.
  • The low-level Android Java SDK is for max.

I saw demo apps made by ionic and react native.. not bad but can never be compared to java apps..but what about the future? Can we ever dream of a fully f. Tagged with Android,iOS,Ionic,React Native.
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