Create actions with redux-tide it’s simple! #redux #reactjs #Redux #React

Create actions with redux-tide it's simple!

#redux #reactjs #Redux #React

  • You don’t need to create reducers for rest-api data – – You should create reducers only for business front-end logic – – Redux-Tide – Do not force you to use only it, – – This is a small library helping you create normalization, actions, reducers and selector – – You…
  • js example from Usage section – – When you need to force a clear state of action, please use – – Please read Create one action for different entity id section and Other options to create an action – – And look examples: – – different-entity-id-example – – different-entity-id-source -…
  • () action id if you called where postId === 5 .
  • { post with id 5 is was deleted success } } we used action delPostById with prefix postId so, actionId has postId in actionId and if you want track all calls with any postId you hould used parentActionId property parentActionId – it’s actionId from action which was called .
  • () } } } – – For details you can look example: – – different-entity-id-example – – methods returns same action – – But generate new uniq dispatch type and new uniq action state – – You should be call , , when you are dispatch event and use getActionData…

redux-tide – Simple library for redux crud normalized state and actions/selectors for it
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#redux #reactjs #Redux #React”

Sketch — A Playground for React Native – Exposition

  • Tools like Create React Native App and Expo make this much easier, but it’s still not quite the same experience as an online demo.I’ve been lucky enough to be working with Charlie Cheever and Jesse Ruder on Sketch for the past month, which addresses these pain points and makes it super easy to try something quickly.
  • And today we’re excited to announce Sketch to the public.Let’s go over the features, shall we?Instantly test your code on a device, or in the browserCreating a new sketch couldn’t be easier.
  • You can either preview the component on the emulator inside the browser, or open it directly on your device with the Expo app.The UI updates as you type — every keystroke, without having to hit save.
  • Facebook Login, BarCode scanner, Accelerometer, Maps, you name it.You can also import the following third party modules which we’ve bundled with the app: @expo/vector-icons, @expo/ex-navigation, react-router-native, react-navigation, react-native-tab-view, redux, react-redux, redux-effex, redux-logger, redux-thunk, apollo-client, react-apollo, graphql-tag, ReactNativeART, art/morph/path, base-64, date-fns, gl-mat4, hsv2rgb, immutable, lodash, pubnub, regl, seamless-immutable,, three, url-parse, uuid-jsvalidatorDrag and drop components to add features instantlyDon’t remember how to use those APIs and too lazy to look it up and copy paste code (and fix the errors, cause you never manage get it right the first time)?
  • Fear not, there’s a component library from where you can just drag and drop components to add a feature instantly!See Device logs in the EditorNeed to log that object to see why your code won’t work?

Today, we’re happy and excited to announce the release of Expo Sketch. You can try it right now by going to on your computer’s web browser. I’ve been always excited about…
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