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Why ReactJs?  #react #reactjs

  • Instead of writing an html line for news, messenger and marketplace you can see that they are basically the same, the only thing that changes is the icon and the information so we can make a component called nav that receives information and an icon.
  • Let code this component:First, we are going to make its container, with an JSON object with the information we want to be see.Now we are going to do the component:Using this practice, we are able to create a web app by just iterating a JSON object, that will pass the information to the containers.Another cool thing of react is its community.
  • There is a lot of components already made so you can just add them to your project as easily as adding a library to your normal html code.
  • Some github repositories that have a lot of components are:· lot of people have a problem with HTML being mixed with JS because they feel like breaking separation of concerns but in reality, it is more of a separation of technologies rather than concerns.
  • It helps your application to be more efficient because you don’t need to repeat code, there is an amazing community behind it, it has some really awesome modules that helps you to manage the unidirectional data flow, as well as managing which component must be render and if it is a component that is visible in all of the pages such as a menu to just render it once instead of every time you change of page.Tldr: react is awesome.

React is a new JavaScript library developed by Facebook released in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2017 that react was stable. React is like the best of both worlds, it has the functionality of JavaScript…
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Making Maps With React

New blog post: How to make maps with Reactjs.  #javascript

  • For a normal map a library without WebGL support will be sufficient.
  • The Google Map React library wraps your Google map as a React component.
  • The cool thing about it is that it lets you render any React component into the map, which gives you the opportunity to easily create custom markers.
  • Another useful feature is that the components provided by the Google Maps API (for example Traffic or Transit layers or a searchbox) can be included in the map as well.
  • As an example we set up a simple map using the scatterplot overlay.

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React is cool, deal with it – Medium

#React is cool, deal with it  #reactjs

  • We’re talking about three different files to fetch and display in a table in contrast to simply develop a “PropertyList” component and all related logic there.
  • If you were developing following MVC pattern you would first implement a Model which would represent the property and implement any related activity of API communication in that layer, add a route to a controller which would fetch the model and pass it to the view.
  • React is hard to learn, we’re all used to seeing javascript and html in different files, we’re all used to MVC and it lacks much functionality so you need to add some different things to handle routing, api calls, jsx support, etc..
  • Everybody knows how crazy javascript world has been lately releasing new tools faster than you can learn them, there’s one tool, React that markets itself as the V in MVC ( or at least it used to ) that slowly started to take over front-end development still i read about many people complaining with wrong arguments about why they don’t like it so i decided to talk about what is it that is so great about react.
  • With react you don’t write HTML, they implemented JSX which is a processor that lets you add xml style tags in javascript so instead of having a separate file for your scripts you write both the logic and the content in a single file.

Everybody knows how crazy javascript world has been lately releasing new tools faster than you can learn them, there’s one tool, React that…
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New Apps

  • I used Trello for taking notes, but there are a few things I didn’t like.
  • If you take a lot of notes then you must try tdo .
  • Things reveal themselves while you’re working on something else and the only thing you can do at that moment is to write down the idea and come back later.
  • More than 50% of people are already using it and there is a lot of room for growth.
  • It obviously has a lot of potential for growth there is a significant chunk of people who are not interested to learn more about it.

The last two weeks were very interesting and I would like to share some info about two new apps that I have been working on.
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