Sketch to React Native

Sketch to React Native - Convert Design Files to Components

  • Sketch to React Native helps to convert Sketch files ➡️ React Native components – Do you have designs in Sketch, and need to turn those into a mobile app?
  • This will take those designs, and automatically create React Native components.
  • It’s like the opposite of React from Airbnb because it takes Sketch files and creates React Native components.

Do you have designs in Sketch, and need to turn those into a mobile app? This will take those designs, and automatically create React Native components.
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React Functional Components vs. Class Components – codeburst

  • Let’s have a look at an example:import React from “react”; import PropTypes from “prop-types”; const Person = ({firstName, lastName}) = ( div h1 {firstName} {lastName} /h1 /div ); Person.propTypes = { firstName: PropTypes.string.isRequired, lastName: PropTypes.string.isRequired } export default Person;As you can see, functional components are basically just the render function…
  • Instead, they focus solely on the UI and not on the behavior of the app.Also something worth mentioning: When you’re using functional components, you don’t have a this keyword to use.Now let’s have a look at class components, before we compare them and work out their different use cases.Class ComponentClass…
  • Have a look at the above example, rewritten as a ES6 class component.import React, { Component } from “react”; import PropTypes from “prop-types”; class Person extends Component { render() { return( div h1 {this.props.firstName} {this.props.lastName} /h1 /div ); } } Person.propTypes = { firstName: PropTypes.string.isRequired, lastName: PropTypes.string.isRequired } export default…
  • If needed, you can always rewrite them to class components later on, but most of the time you will just use them to arrange your UI and let the container components handle the state and logic.Container Components need their own state or make use of life cycle methods, therefore I…
  • You learned, that functional componentsdon’t have statedon’t have life cycle methodsdon’t have a thisare pure functions and therefore easy to testare easier to read and understandencourage you to keep in mind the best practicescan also be called presentational componentsIf you need anything that functional components don’t provide, use class components.Call…

Functional components are simpler and easier to test in comparison to class components. However, both of them have pros and cons and today you’ll learn the differences and when to use which type of…
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How to Draw an Owl with React: A Migration Story

Do you know the four P’s of migrating to React? Learn 'em now:  #reactjs cc: @ReactJS_News

  • A few months ago, I wrote about our adventures building a brand new project using React.
  • Our existing SparkPost app was built many moons ago in the ancient framework known as AngularJS.
  • Shortly after that article was published, I started in on my plan to improve the Angular app.
  • Ultimately we realized that the fastest and safest way to rebuild our entire app in a brand new framework was to do exactly what I’d publicly ridiculed: direct migration, i.e. a parallel rebuild.
  • Step 2: Draw the rest of the [censored] owl.

Sometimes even the best-laid plans need to be re-laid. A walk through on how (and why) we’re migrating our Angular app directly to React.
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Become a Professional React Developer

  • Sebastian Thrun invites you to enroll today in our new Intro to Self-Driving Cars Nanodegree program .
  • React is completely transforming Front-End Development.
  • To succeed in this program, you need to have experience with building front-end web applications with: – – You should have familiarity with the following:

React is completely transforming Front-End Development. Master this powerful UI library from Facebook with Udacity and the experts from React Training.
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MobX (with Decorators) in create-react-app

MobX (with Decorators) in create-react-app  #MobX #ReactJS

  • If you are using create-react-app as your application boilerplate, you most likely run into the questions of how to setup MobX and how to use decorators in create-react-app.
  • After scaffolding your application with create-react-app on the command line, you can install mobx and mobx-react: – – Whereas the former is used as your state management solution, the latter is used to connect the state layer to your React view layer.
  • The current situation is that the maintainers of create-react-app are holding decorators back until Babel supports them in a stable stage: – – But what if you want to use decorators for your create-react-app + MobX application right now?
  • Fortunately there exists one sample project that already demonstrates how to use MobX with decorators in a Next.js application.
  • After showing all these different alternatives, using MobX with or without decorators in a plain React, a create-react-app or Next.js application, you have no excuse anymnore to give MobX as alternative to Redux a shot.

Everything to know about using MobX with and without decorators in a create-react-app with React. MobX doesn’t need necessarily decorators. But you can activate them by ejecting your application …
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Qolzam/react-social-network – Simple Social Network with #reactjs

Qolzam/react-social-network - Simple Social Network with #reactjs

  • The React Social Network is an open source project relying on React a powerful javascript library for building the user interface.
  • In this project, I tried to show some features of react/react components as a social network.
  • For those who prefer writing code by typescript, now React Social Network support both javascript and typescript language.
  • I recommend that you get to know React before using React Social Network.
  • React Social Network has built by React components, so understanding how React fits into web development is important.

react-social-network – Simple React Social Network
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Advanced React and Redux

  • This is the tutorial you’ve been looking for to take your React and Redux skills to the next level.
  • This course wastes no time diving right into interesting topics, and teaches you the core knowledge you need to deeply understand and build React components and structure applications with Redux.
  • Mastering React and Redux can get you a position in web development or help you build that personal project you’ve been dreaming of.
  • There are dozens of great tutorials online for React and Redux, but none of them teach the challenging, core features of these two fantastic libraries.
  • I have built the course that I would have wanted to take when I was learning React and Redux.

Detailed walkthroughs on advanced React and Redux concepts – Authentication, Testing, Middlewares, HOC’s, and Deployment
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