Current Openings

  • We need you to join us to scale up our team and build a great company with a product that will be used by thousands in the coming months.
  • Spendesk is a fast growing Fintech startup backed by eFounders and a great opportunity to work in one of the most creative and stimulating environment in Paris.
  • We see a crazy traction and adoption from our first customers who totally love our product.
  • You will be part of a strong family shaping the future of SaaS products.
  • We use the latest innovations in the banking industry to build a software that gives CFOs a complete control over their companyâ s spendings and provides employees with an awesome experience when they need to do professional purchases.

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Why Redux is not so easy, some alternatives

  • The global state tree is cumbersome to maintain.
  • Since the state tree needs to be immutable, lists also need to be.
  • When there is a user, we can load the lists.
  • Dispatch, also, by idiom/default, does not get access to the state tree.
  • A reducer is responsible for just one branch of the state tree.

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