Fullstack React: create-react-app

What is Create React App and how do I use it?  Day 12 of šŸŽ„ 30 Days of React šŸŽ„   #reactjs

  • Lets create a new app well call 30days using the create-react-app command we just installed.
  • With create-react-app installed globally, well be able to use the create-react-app command anywhere in our terminal.
  • Open a Terminal window in a directory where you want to create your app.
  • In terminal, we can create a new React application using the command and adding a name to the app we want to create.
  • The package is released as a Node Package and can be installed using npm .

Today, we’re going to add a build process to store common build actions so we can easily develop and deploy our applications.
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Worry-free React with create-react-app ā€“ Medium

  • Installing the create-react-app tool via npm
  • Migrating all my source files to the new folder structure generated by the create-react-app tool
  • Just run the `npm start` command and everything is compiled for you, a dev server is booted up and you can see your application running on localhost.
  • I’ve got a few more React projects in my pipeline and I’m definitely planning on using create-react-app for each fresh start of a React app.
  • You can run the `npm run eject` command and get all the dependencies and config files copied into your folder and customize them to your heart’s content.

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@wisecobbler: “Worry free #reactjs with create-react-app”

Aside from working on my pet project, Shopsifter, and my gig as the editor of the Fullstack React newsletter, I also do contract work. Iā€¦

Worry-free React with create-react-app ā€“ Medium