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React Native — first impressions  #react #softwaredevelopment #reactnative #reactjs

  • Right now QuotesKeeper is already in AppStore and we’ll be posting updated thoughts about React Native soon.Some time ago at we started a project to build 3 apps with 3 devs in 30 days — the one month project.
  • Most of the knowledge you have about components, lifecycle, state, props, mixins, etc. can be used in your React Native project.
  • Just like you would do in regular React app.There are plenty of libraries ready to be used by your project if any native component is missing.
  • Also built-in React Native list component start scrolling very slow when you have so many elements.
  • You really need to test things out if you plan to work on large datasets.SummaryTo sum things up — would I use React Native in my next project?

First thoughts about React Native after more than a month of iOS app development. Good and bad sides of building your app with React Native.
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