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#ReactJS has proven to be one of best #Javascript front-end library


  • ReactJS has proven to be one of the best frameworks out there and that is visible by the adaptability of the same by world famous companies.
  • It gives a near perfect experience for the client as well as the developer and ensures that interfaces built on it are not only great in performance but are also visually appealing.
  • Techuz has provided reactjs web development services to various clients all of which have been amazed by the technology.

Hire dedicated reactjs developer from top reactjs web & mobile application development company India Techuz. we have expert reactjs team for innovative solutions.
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What Makes React Native the Future of Hybrid App Development?

What Makes React Native the Future of Hybrid App Development? (May-2017)

  • Presently, numbers of mobile app developers have started using React Native to develop mobile apps.
  • When a mobile app developer starts developing apps using specific platform and programming language such as Java for Android or Swift/Objective-C for iOS, the application is known as a native.
  • All About The Benefits of React Native Useful in Hybrid App Development

    Highly Portable

    Facilitates developer to port almost half of the app code to another platform.

  • Conclusion

    React Native is popularly used for hybrid app development due to its number of benefits.

  • Reusability of code, highly portable, focused UI, compatibility for third party app integration as well as enhance the efficiency of developers has made react native popular for Hybrid app development.

React Native is popularly used for hybrid app development due to its number of benefits. Check out why it is good for your next hybrid app development project.
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react-native-web/ at master · necolas/react-native-web · GitHub

  • React Native for Web implements the React Native style API in a way that avoids all the problems with CSS at scale:

    At the same time, it has several benefits:

    Styles should be defined outside of the component.

  • React Native style resolution is deterministic and slightly different from CSS.
  • React Native for Web transforms React Native styles into React DOM styles.
  • Any dynamic styles that contain declarations previously registered as static styles can also be converted to CSS class names.
  • React Native for Web includes a very small CSS reset that removes unwanted User Agent styles from (pseudo-)elements beyond the reach of React (e.g., , ) or inline styles (e.g., ).

react-native-web – React Native for Web
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  • Builds the app for production to the build folder.
  • Runs the app in the development mode.
  • The command will remove the single build dependency from your project.
  • The app was built in less than 3~hours of development, which for me shows a huge improvement in the whole React ecosystem.
  • It correctly bundles React in production mode and optimizes the build for the best performance.

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@_weslleyaraujo: “thanks create-react-app: really nice work guys! cc @fbOpenSource @dan_abramov #reactjs”

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