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#Flutter vs #ReactNative - What you need to know

  • This may sound like a giant leap for Flutter but it still has a long way to go in catching up with React Native.
  • At the moment, developers who are mentally bucketed with React Native are not even seriously considering Flutter.
  • The question most people ask when they get acquainted with Flutter for the first time is “Is it like React Native?”
  • Dart — OOP, it is rather verbose, but those who write in Java / C # will happily look towards Dart.Less writing in the settings for the start of the project manually, in contrast, to React Native.Just download Flutter from the git, do a “flutter doctor”, which will tell you what kind…
  • Finally, Flutter will have a great future if they can come up with a way to reduce code writing on Dart, replace any functionality class declaration, and JSX or XML as a description of the structure of the widgets.

Flutter is Google’s response to React Native and I’m sure you must have heard about it. After the announcement of Flutter, comparative discussions started making rounds on various mobile development…
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Tom Occhino: Running Open Source at Facebook

  • It was first open-sourced at JSConf US in May 2013 when most people did not take the first open source project from Facebook seriously.
  • In addition to learning about the latest in React, I was surprised to hear Tom Occhino talk about what it’s like to run open source projects at Facebook.
  • React is an open source JavaScript library for creating interactive user interfaces.
  • The project attracted people who really understood the mission and became not only advocates, but also long time contributors.
  • Tom Occhino is an Engineering Manager at Facebook and one of the creators of React Native.

Few days ago I went to a React meetup at Eventbrite in SF with my friend Jack from Pinterest. In addition to learning about the latest in…
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Useful Features of React.js

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  • The virtual DOM in this case is the data and not the rendered content React.js is able to determine the pieces of data that have actually changed in great detail.
  • It has a data binding and state management feature that makes it an ideal platform for creating dynamic applications.
  • Many web developers will not have this, as speed is key whenever you are creating applications.
  • React.js is currently amongst the best JavaScript UI framework that a lot of web developers are finding useful in many ways.
  • If a certain change is made on the data upstream, the components using that particular data will automatically re-render in order to reflect the changes.

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@lockpaddy: “RT DBaker007: Useful Features of #ReactJS codecondoltd #coding #programmers #JavaScript #…”

Jake Lawrence
December 27, 2015

Useful Features of React.js