Deploy a React Blog using Cosmic JS – Hacker Noon

  • Use the Cosmic JS NPM package to query your blog’s content and React to build a client side application.
  • 😎 You can refer to the original tutorial below to build the app from scratch, or continue reading to simply deploy the React Blog in 3 Steps.TL;DRReact BlogReact Blog DemoReact Blog CodebaseHow to Build a Blog Using Cosmic JS and be using Cosmic JS to install our example app, deploy…
  • Cosmic JS is an API-first Content Management Platform that allows developers to build apps in any programming language while giving content editors a familiar content editor to manage dynamic content from the cloud.
  • If you encounter any issues during deployment, you may be routed to the Cosmic JS Troubleshooting Page.Confirm Deploy Location using the content-ready app from Brian Ray in the Cosmic JS Community, so I’ll use his Master Repo: that your app is deployed to the Cosmic JS App Server, you’re free…
  • If you have questions about the Cosmic JS API, please reach out to the founders on Twitter or Slack.Carson Gibbons is the Co-Founder CMO of Cosmic JS, an API-first Cloud-based Content Management Platform that decouples content from code, allowing devs to build slick apps and websites in any programming language…

In this blog I will demonstrate deploying a React Blog App in 3 steps. This simple blog app is built using React, Redux, & Node.js. Use the Cosmic JS NPM package to query your blog’s content and…
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5 Reasons to Learn ReactJS

Why should you learn @reactjs? Here's why...

  • 2. If your web app regularly changes state
  • Well, ‘s five great reasons to learn React.
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  • React is built on the idea of minimizing DOM operations – they’re expensive, and the least you have the better.
  • Rather than running a JavaScript powered app in your mobile web browser, React Native compiles to the native code of the respective mobile OS.

5 Reasons to Learn ReactJS written by Sam Wood: one of the many blog articles from Packt Publishing
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