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React Native basics: Geolocation  #ReactJS #JavaScript

  • If you want to use a user’s location when the app is in the background you’ll have to do some additional configuration .
  • getCurrentPosition allows us to request a user’s location at any time.
  • The only difference is that the success or error callback will be called whenever the user’s location updates.
  • The success callback will be passed an object that looks like
  • Because of this if the location permission came enabled by default on Android a user will see what it’s requesting (location data) and if your app doesn’t have a good reason to need their location information then they may not download your app.

I’ve been using the Geolocation API in React Native a fair amount lately. It’s an API that I didn’t realize existed in React Native and definitely didn’t realize how easy it was to actually use…
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0.36: Headless JS, the Keyboard API, & more

  • Working with the on-screen keyboard is now easier with Keyboard .
  • import { Keyboard } from ‘react-native’ // Hide that keyboard!
  • There are some cases where an animated value needs to invert another animated value for calculation.
  • With version 0.36, combining two animated values via division is now possible.
  • b will then follow a ‘s spring animation and produce the value of 1 / a .

Headless JS is a way to run tasks in JavaScript while your app is in the background. It can be used, for example, to sync fresh data, handle push notifications, or play music. It is only available on Android, for now.
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Redux and Flux in React and Angular

On 22/09, @CodiflyVOF will give a talk at @JSValley_be in #gent!  #reactjs #angular #redux

  • Inspired by Redux, ngrx/store tackles state management for applications written in Angular 2.
  • After Kristof’s introduction on Redux and its use in React, Wout De Rooms, web & mobile engineer at Codifly, who has a background with both Redux and ngrx, will focus on the differences between both libraries and show how Redux-like state management neatly integrates in Angular 2 applications.
  • Start a Meetup Group Start a Meetup Group
  • Kristof Van Miegem, co-founder of Codifly , will explain how to manage application state in React applications with Redux.
  • We share valuable content related to the engineering of modern JavaScript applications.

Again we have an evening filled with 2 mind boggling sessions, this time on Redux.

Kristof Van Miegem, co-founder of Codifly, will explain how to manage application state in React applications with R
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Deploying React with Zero Configuration

  • We’ll be tracking progress on create-react-app and adapting the buildpack to support more advanced use cases as they become available.
  • create-react-app is very new (currently version 0.2) and since its target is a crystal-clear developer experience, more advanced use cases are not supported (or may never be supported).
  • To support greater control, create-react-app includes the command npm run eject .
  • Thanks to the zero-config foundation of create-react-app , the idea of zero-config deployment seemed within reach.
  • git commit -m “react-create-app on Heroku” git push heroku master heroku open

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@vatweb: “Deploy @reactjs on @heroku with no config. Thanks again `create-react-app` <3

#webdev #deployment #infrastructure”

So you want to build an app with React?

Deploying React with Zero Configuration