Introducing Sideswipe: a cross-platform carousel for React Native

  • Ideally we want to animate based on scroll position, not index changes, which would provide a much smoother effect.Old solution for handling transitions between itemsI knew I could add an Animated.event to the FlatList and pass the animated value to the child components but the value would be the raw…
  • This means the components using the animated value would have do some math to figure out if they were the active index.
  • It also updates any time either one of the underlying animated values updates.What this means is we can divide the scroll position by the width of a child item (which is a required prop) and that will give us an animated value starting at 0 and ending at the length…
  • Now child components can animate based on their index instead of scroll position but the animation will still be based on scroll position under the hood.
  • Here’s what that looks like in code:Using Animated.divide to get animated value for carousel itemsNow each carousel item gets an animated value they can use to create entrance and exit animations based on their index in the list, not the scroll position of the underlying FlatList, this provides a much…

Recently I found myself in need of a flexible carousel solution that could support some pretty tough requirements, mainly: My first attempt was to utilize open-source and use something someone else…
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Automating documentation for your React components — Boyney

Automate documentation for your #ReactJS components:

  • Using the information we could visually show our components in use, our component props details and our components description.
  • Component will come back to us as a string and not a React component.
  • In the example componentDocs will hold the components documentation as a JSON object .
  • The Object holds all the props we defined in the component.
  • Basic React application that renders component documentation

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@ReactiveConf: “Automate documentation for your #ReactJS components:”

In this post we will cover why you might need to document your components and how you can easily achieve this with React…

Automating documentation for your React components — Boyney