React native or phonegap- build apps the easy way

React native or phonegap- build apps the easy way - @konstantinfo #MobileApps #WhaTech

  • To make this happen in reality, the communities of expert developers out there have changed the ruled of the app development by creating super-fast frameworks like React Native and PhoneGap.
  • Most mobile app development companies of today are working on improving their React Native and PhoneGap app development skills so as to gratify the business requirements of every company, entrepreneur, startup and enterprise across the worlds.
  • Belonging to the cross-platform app development, both PhoneGap and React Native frameworks only maintain a single codebase in HTML, CSS and JavaScript web technologies for both iOS and Android, instead of constructing parallel codebases in Swift and Java.
  • Since React Native is all about JavaScript, mobile app development companies need not train their employees exclusively on certain skills.
  • Related Article: The 7 Best Hybrid App Development Frameworks for 2017 – – In sum, those not from the tech world may only believe native Android and iOS apps to be the only solutions to delivering an engaging and feature-rich app experience to the users.

Now develop your mobile apps the cross-platform way where they look and feel like native with React Native and PhoneGap. React Native is Facebook’s backed UI component library making app development easier than ever before.
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How to mobilise your idea – Cogent Blog

How to mobilise your idea  #javascript #reactnative #javascriptdevelopment #reactjs #reactjs

  • But for a feature rich app experience, it’s just not going to give good enough results.Even Facebook initially built their app as a mobile web app to be able to roll out features faster, but eventually switched back to native.Write once, build nativeIf each native platform needs code written in it’s…
  • Microsoft has invested heavily in cross platform mobile tooling, because as less than 1% of the global market for mobile devices, no one is going to build apps for just their platform alone.A slightly different approach is used by React Native (and Native Script).
  • While the word hybrid is certainly apt, React Native works so differently from the HTML based hybrid app options, I’d like to think of it as different class instead, with it’s main characteristic being the way it plays puppeteer to the native interface.The way that this works in practice is…
  • If your JavaScript decides to make the header bar change colour, it sends a message to the main native app thread, saying “the header bar should be red now”, and the native header bar widget changes it’s colour to red.This is only different from truly native mobile in a few…
  • So far, I haven’t needed this escape hatch, but it’s good to know that it’s there.SummaryHere’s my opinionated breakdown.Separate native mobile apps give a good result but having multiple code-bases is both too expensive and too slow for fast-moving companies.Mobile friendly web design is very important for all websites, but…

You’re an entrepreneur or project manager trying to see if a technical decision is right for your business, but what’s the most cost effective way for your engineers to build a mobile product? As a…
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Easily Build Forms in React Native – React Native Development – Medium

How to Easily Build Forms in React Native:

  • It makes creating forms in React Native easy by simply having to define a model for that form and you’re set!
  • Snack will automatically pull that in for us.Tip: I find that scanning the QR code from the Expo app on my device gives the best development experience.If you prefer to do this outside of Snack make sure you install tcomb-form-native via npm or yarn.What We’re BuildingWe’ll be building a sign up…
  • First we need to get the Form component (line 6) then we need to render the form and pass our model to it as the type (line 19).
  • We create an object, add a key named “fields” (since we’re modifying the fields), add a key to this object that aligns with the key in our model (“terms”), and then inside that object we set the new label.Code is easier to understand.Then pass those options to the Form componentLet’s…
  • Just about everything in the default form is customizable.As you can see tcomb-form-native makes building forms quick and easy but also gives you the flexibility you need to create forms the give users the necessary info and fit with the rest of your app (unless I’m designing of course).

If you’re building a React Native app it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll have to build at least one form. The reality is you’ll probably build quite a few (sign in, sign up, edit profile, etc.) Yeah…
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Re-created Twitter Moments using my Parallax Swiper component. #reactnative

Re-created Twitter Moments using my Parallax Swiper component. #reactnative

  • This component is inspired by an iOS pattern that no react-native-parallax-whatever previously delivered.
  • It emulates this pattern by using the ScrollView component which has features like velocity, paging, and platform specific easing curves; It also has optional dividers to split up each page.
  • You can see this pattern in apps like iOS Camera Roll, Twitter Moments, Kylie Jenner’s app, Vevo’s app, and more.
  • Hit me up on Twitter, or create an issue.

react-native-parallax-swiper – Full Screen Parallax Swiper Allowing Arbitrary UI Injection
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New & Upcoming Course Highlights: Introduction to Core Data & React Native

Read more about our new #ReactNative and #CoreData courses here:  #learntocode

  • Here’s a short list of what we’ve added recently, upcoming course highlights, and our weekly video update of What’s New at Treehouse.
  • React Native is a great option for creating performant iOS and Android applications that feel at home on their respective platforms, all while building on any previous web development experience.
  • In this course we will be building the ultimate superhero app.
  • By the end of this course you should have the confidence to build upon the app that we started and take it to the next level.
  • Saving data on your device is a fundamental part of building apps and in this course we’re going to learn how to use the Core Data framework to persist data between launches by building a simple to-do list app.

Every week, new courses and workshops are published to the growing Treehouse Library! Here’s a short list of what we’ve added recently, upcoming course highlights, and our weekly video update of What’s New at Treehouse.
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Designing Apps using Webflow – ConsciousApps – Medium

Hey React folks, give a try to designing apps using Webflow:  #ReactJS

  • Clearly, styling components from hand using CSS is tough… and not necessary when you have Webflow.
  • Instead, within Webflow, you design each component from scratch.
  • Let’s say you want to create a series of buttons:As you’re designing these individual components in Webflow, be sure to assign them unique classNames since you’ll later be using these classes inside your React component.
  • Once the components look exactly the way you want—and perform all the actions you want (such as on focus, hover, etc.) — simply export the code from within Webflow, like this:Highlight and copy the CSS and paste it into a CSS file that’s called from your root index.html file:link rel=”stylesheet” href=”assets/css/index.
  • css” /Inside your react components, then, simply call the CSS styles, like this:So much easier than creating all this CSS from hand!CSS code exported from Webflow.You can even add nifty transitions inside Webflow!

Anyone who’s talked to me for more than a few minutes about website and app development knows I’m a big fan of Webflow. What used to take me hours to create using raw html, css, and javascript, now…
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