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Simple React Router Example  #router #reactjs #react #reactjs

  • One of the things I love about React is how easy it is to make components and bring them all together.We’ll need to import a few things from React React Router Router to be able to make it all work.
  • And in our Link tags, we’ve included a to= and a path name that will be used in our Router code.So now for the Router:We use ReactDOM.render to tell our app how the navigation all fits together.
  • First, we want to use browserHistory in the main Router tag, and give our Router a starting point:So our App component, which will house our other components, is set up as the parent route that will use the path of just “/”.
  • Now we can add our Home component using IndexRoute to tell our Router that Home should load first upon getting to the site.The Home component/route is set up inside the App route because we want to set it as a child of App.
  • And now we can add our 2 link pages to the router:They are also added as children of the App component.

Just the basics of using React Router (version 2.8.1 — v4 just came out and I’ll monkey with that soon). So you can use React Router to handle all of your navigation, and once getting used to it, it…
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