Playing with React Native Animations – Hacker Noon

Play with React Native animations:  #ReactJS #JavaScript

  • For the delay we’re using the delay that was passed to the component.
  • We want to actually use these files in our app – to do so replace index.ios.js and with the following.
  • We’ll keep this very simple and create 10 data elements with a width between 0 and the screen width – this will all take place in app/index.js
  • In app/AnimatedBar.js we’ll just set some static styles and apply them to our view.
  • Then create an app/index.js and app/AnimatedBar.js and copy and paste the following into them to get started.

For my first post of the year I wanted to keep it light and experiment a little bit with the React Native Animated API. We’ll create a few bars that animate in and constantly change their size. Here…
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