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Why ReactJs?  #react #reactjs

  • Instead of writing an html line for news, messenger and marketplace you can see that they are basically the same, the only thing that changes is the icon and the information so we can make a component called nav that receives information and an icon.
  • Let code this component:First, we are going to make its container, with an JSON object with the information we want to be see.Now we are going to do the component:Using this practice, we are able to create a web app by just iterating a JSON object, that will pass the information to the containers.Another cool thing of react is its community.
  • There is a lot of components already made so you can just add them to your project as easily as adding a library to your normal html code.
  • Some github repositories that have a lot of components are:· lot of people have a problem with HTML being mixed with JS because they feel like breaking separation of concerns but in reality, it is more of a separation of technologies rather than concerns.
  • It helps your application to be more efficient because you don’t need to repeat code, there is an amazing community behind it, it has some really awesome modules that helps you to manage the unidirectional data flow, as well as managing which component must be render and if it is a component that is visible in all of the pages such as a menu to just render it once instead of every time you change of page.Tldr: react is awesome.

React is a new JavaScript library developed by Facebook released in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2017 that react was stable. React is like the best of both worlds, it has the functionality of JavaScript…
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React Native Monthly #1

  • That’s why we decided to organize a monthly meeting where all major React Native contributors can briefly present what their efforts and plans are.
  • The mission for React Native Monthly is simple and straightforward: improve the React Native community.
  • On the first meeting, we had 8 teams join us:

    We hope to have more core contributors join the upcoming sessions!

  • As teams’ plans might be of interest to a broader audience, we’ll be sharing them here, on the React Native blog.
  • As we just started with this meeting, we’d like to know how do these notes benefit the React Native community.

At Shoutem, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with React Native from its very beginnings. We decided we wanted to be part of the amazing community from day one. Soon enough, we realized it’s almost impossible to keep up with the pace the community was growing and improving. That’s why we decided to organize a monthly meeting where all major React Native contributors can briefly present what their efforts and plans are.
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  • CLI that consumes a swagger endpoint and spits out React propType definitions.
  • npm install -g swagger-models-to-react-proptypes
  • Introducing npm Enterprise add-ons.
  • Integrate third-party dev tools into npm…
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@housecor: “Hitting Swagger APIs with React? Here’s a handy way to generate React PropTypes from a Swagger endpoint!


CLI that generates React propType definitions from a swagger endpoint



#ReactJS, #Redux without #Webpack and a ton of dev dependencies  /cc @reactjs @dan_abramov

  • The app should become available at http://localhost:3000
  • Made with e by Konstantin Tarkus ( @koistya ) and contributors
  • Introducing npm Enterprise add-ons.
  • The source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the LICENSE.txt file.
  • Integrate third-party dev tools into npmâ ¦

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@koistya: “#ReactJS, #Redux without #Webpack and a ton of dev dependencies /cc @reactjs @dan_abramov”

Boilerplate and tooling for JavaScript web applications built with React