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  • Stephen Grider has created two courses for learning React — A beginners course and an advanced course.
  • This is great because you can try the first course and see if you like React.
  • If you’re unaware, Redux is a state manager that helps you manage ‘state’ within your React applications.
  • That’s why you take Stephen’s course.
  • Redux: reducers, actions, and the state tree.Another ‘learn by building’ course, you’ll walk away with production ready web applications.

According to the 2016 Stack Overflow Survey, React is in the top ten for developer salaries and it’s the #1 fastest growing technology. That means more jobs and more opportunities for you — There’s…
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Best resource to learn React the right way?

What's the 'right way' to learn #ReactJS? Developers share their resources — 


  • I was impressed with the way that Mr Grider presented that, having completed the course, I enrolled in a number of his other courses.
  • I managed to snag the Udemy course ‘Modern React and Redux’ when it was on sale recently.
  • If the links do not work just go to type in react and the courses from Stephen Grider.
  • Udemy seems to have sales periodically, so it’s worth checking back now and then if the course you want is currently full price.
  • The course is presented by Stephen Grider and I found it to be a comprehensive introduction into both the coding and the reasoning behind the way react/redux is coded.

Hi everyone!
I’ve been developing apps the last years with Aurelia and Angular 1.X, but I’ve been looking into React and Electrode, and I’m wondering what’. Tagged with ReactJS.
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