Fullstack React: React and WebVR using A-Frame

React and WebVR using A-Frame  #ReactJS #WebVR

  • Today we are going to learn how to create a simple augmented reality experience using a library called A-Frame and React.
  • We are going to take what I learned from that and create a relatively simple application that takes an equirectangle image and use it as our back drop for the beginnings of a virtual experience.
  • A-Frame is a web framework used to build virtual reality experiences built on top of technologies like three.js and the WebVR API The Mozilla VR Team developed it as a fully open project.
  • We now need to import A-Frame into our React component and then add our first tag, the scene.
  • Update the render function of your component by adding some entities: – – A-Frame gives you access to a lot of primitive entities out of the box so we can add a sphere by just using the tag.

Editor’s Note: We are excited to have a guest blogger on our blog for this article! Jordan Papeleo is a technologist, programmer, and code mentor who has deep passions about growing developers, his community, his faith, and his mustache.
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