React Gotchas

#Reactjs Gotchas interesting read

  • If you’re using JSX (and most people are), the components you write must begin with an uppercase letter.
  • They’ll also get called whenever props change – so if you absolutely want to respond only to state changes, use the callback approach.
  • setState({name: ‘ Joe’ }, function () { // called after state has been updated // and the component has been re-rendered });
  • The means using names like UserList and Menu and SubmitButton , and not using names like userList , menu , and submitButton .
  • Another alternative is to use the componentWillUpdate or componentDidUpdate lifecycle hooks, which will be called immediately before and after rendering in response to your state change.

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React Gotchas; Author: Dave Ceddia; Updated: 4 Jul 2016; Section: Client side scripting; Chapter: Web Development; Updated: 4 Jul 2016

React Gotchas