React.js Fundamentals: The best place to learn React.js and the React.js Ecosystem

React.js Fundamentals, a free course which looks amazing

  • Video: React Container vs Presentational Components
  • Quiz: React Container vs Presentational Components
  • Video: Building a Highly Reusable React Component (8:54)
  • Video: React Lifecycle Events (9:10)
  • Video: React Router Transitions + Animations (5:01)

The React.js Fundamentals course is the best place to start learning React and the React ecosystem, and it’s free.

@christianmaioli: React.js Fundamentals, a free course which looks amazing

The modularity of the React ecosystem is extremely powerful for building applications. However, this can be a nightmare when you’re first starting out. To even get a React app up and running you need the right combination of React, Webpack, and Babel. In this course we’ll start from a blank folder and we’ll build an application that encompasses everything you need to get started building production ready apps with React (including Routing and Ajax requests). If you’re new to React, there’s no better place to start than right here.

This course is made up of 12 lessons. Each lesson is made up of three sections. The first section is a text introduction to each new topic outside of the context of any “real world” example. Many times it’s easier to present something when you’re able to hyper focus on the specific subject and abstract everything else. That’s the purpose of the text version. Next is the video lesson. Throughout each video lesson we’ll be building a project together. So each video lesson will be in the context of building a “real world” example. Last is a quiz that will verify you’re learning and retaining what you should be. After all 12 lessons you’ll be given access to a Github repo that contains instructions for the curriculum. Going through the lessons is not enough to build any real sort of knowledge. You need to put into practice what the lessons show you. That’s the purpose of the hands on curriculum you’ll build.

As you can probably tell by now, I’m really big into hands on learning. You can listen to me ramble all day and not actually learn anything. Building apps is a large part of this course. All of the curriculum is open source. The curriculum repo for this course can be found HERE.

A solid understanding of JavaScript will help but isn’t entirely required (you might have to do some extra research though). If you have no JavaScript experience but you’re coming from another programming language, you’ll be fine.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say thanks, you can find me on Twitter at @tylermcginnis33

Hi! I’m Tyler. I’m currently the CTO of Spero where we’re building a React Native app that is helping connect individuals affected by Cancer. Before Spero I found my love for teaching at DevMountain where I was the Lead Instructor and Curriculum Engineer. I’ve taught 1000’s about React through both my personal blog and I’m a Google Developer Expert. I organized React.js Utah and ReactWeek. Sometimes I ramble on JavaScript air as a Co-host and I also help run React Newsletter and Front End Newsletter.

React.js Fundamentals: The best place to learn React.js and the React.js Ecosystem