Release v0.38.0-rc.0 · facebook/react-native · GitHub

  • Navigator – Fix wrong scene transformation after pop ( f645389 ) – @sooth-sayer
  • Fix Alert memory leak ( 49667db )
  • Fix setAnimatedNodeValue in Native Animated on iOS ( 34c7e76 ) – @janicduplessis
  • Fix missing methods in Keyboard module ( 5105c09 ) – @ide
  • Fix NavigationCardStackPanResponder to work with native animations ( ac19276 ) – @janicduplessis

react-native – A framework for building native apps with React.

@grabbou: React Native 0.38.0-rc.0 is out, check it out

(aa4428c) – @javache

Navigator – Fix wrong scene transformation after pop (f645389) – @sooth-sayer

Prevent crash when accessing child count, but child list is NULL. (bb84c37) – @dshahidehpour

Fix initial value of native Animated.Value (2b49edd) – @janicduplessis

Fix symbolication failure caused by attempt to modify frozen frame (0fe1c7a) – @ide

Fix missing methods in Keyboard module (5105c09) – @ide

Make sure xhr req header’s value is String type (f9e36a0) – @leeight

Fix DebuggerWorker.js having code incompatible with node 5 (a16d728) – @mhidou

CSSLayout: Update CSSNodeFree for C#, Java and Objective-C (31d3926) – @splhack

CSSLayout: Suggest the compiler to inline smaller functions (942f724) – @emilsjolander

CSSLayout: Don’t preallocate child lists (d932c96) – @swolchok

CSSLayout: Exposing layout cache check publicly (e7dc71b)

Adding Jest preset so that people can configure Jest using react-native as preset (6d3e074)

Use yarn when available (94711bf) – @mkonicek

Fallback to JS Animation if native animated is not present (3237ade) – @fkgozali

Upgrade to lodash@^4.16.6, results in faster packager and smaller npm install size (237ab33) – @zertosh

Bunch of documentation updates, including better user experience, more detailed explanations and more. Thanks to @aybb, @lacker, @hramos and the entire team!

Integration test stability: add delay before starting TimersTest (0698b2b) – @dlowder-salesforce

Modernize AppContainer and add rootTag in the child context (fb7fe2d) – @fkgozali

Android shouldn’t dispatch onLayout if frame didn’t change (d4b8ae7) – @hayeah

HeadlessTask: Fix memory leak (3af104f)

HeadlessTask: Fix notification task timeout crashing (3580de5)

Queue JS calls that come in before JS bundle has started loading instead of crashing (68aeffe) – @astreet

Enable TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 on Android 4.1-4.4 (55ebb89) – @fkoester

Remove underline colour in text inputs (6ed4934) – @fred2028

WebSocket: include cookies in request (be4afdd) – @antoinerousseau

Simplify react-native overrides when building from source (cd6f9f9) – @mikelambert

Fix Xcode build error on non-standard setup (9d86a12) – @caabernathy

Fix Alert memory leak (49667db)

Fix for Unicode decoding issue when using incremental networking. (3ac3749) – @LeoNatan

Fix UIView borderWidths not rendering correctly (95cb4ea) – @javache

Add support for native animated events on iOS (fc11a5f) – @ide

in RCTShadowView (82911a8) – @javache

Don’t receive touches in RCTRootView (761e06b) – @javache

Allow serializing underlying NSError objects (c144bbf) – @neilsarkar

Add remote notification completion handler (e000b71) – @JAStanton

Warn when height/width is set in style without correct flex (a96b4ab) – @mmmulani

Only retain the previousViews that need to be validated (a4bb4d2) – @ephemer

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Release v0.38.0-rc.0 · facebook/react-native · GitHub