React Data Flow with Jared Forsyth

[podcast] React Data Flow with @jaredforsyth  @reactjs @khanacademy #clojurescript #omnext

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  • Jared Forsyth works at Khan Academy, which uses React on the front end.
  • At Khan Academy, Jared has experimented with many different ways of handling data flow for a React application, and in today’s episode we not only discuss the conventional tools for React applications, but also ClojureScript, Reframe, and Om/next, which are solutions for React data handling, that are outside of the world of raw JavaScript.

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@software_daily: “[podcast] React Data Flow with @jaredforsyth @reactjs @khanacademy #clojurescript #omnext”

React started as just a view layer–it was the V in MVC. React has moved down the stack, with Flux, Redux, GraphQL, and Relay providing op…

React Data Flow with Jared Forsyth