Programming Workshop

Head down with ReactJS #velocity360 #codingbootcamp #programmers

  • The 6-Week iOS Intensive is a comprehensive course in all aspects of iOS development for beginners.
  • Students will have published at least one app to the App Store and gained the skills neccessary to begin working as junior iOS developers.
  • The 8-week iOS Evening Course takes beginners through the process of designing and programming a basic iOS app from start.

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@Velocity360_io: “Head down with ReactJS #velocity360 #codingbootcamp #programmers”

Velocity is designed for part-time students who want to accelerate their learning through a flexible night and weekend schedule. Our iOS-focused curriculum will teach you the fundamentals of programming, how to solve problems like an engineer, and launch your own iPhone App to the App Store.Whether you are looking for a job as a software developer or starting your own company, Velocity will help the transition. We provide students with interview preparation, practice, and assigments gathered from previous students who have gone through many interview processes. Our former students have gone on to work at companies like the New York Times, ERA Accelerator, and several NYC based startups.

Programming Workshop