MERN v2.0

  • npm install -g mern-cli mern init myApp cd myApp npm install npm start Fork on GitHub
  • In the new version, we enabled the mern-cli to clone not only this project but also the variants of mern-starter .
  • In the version, we also added code generators.
  • MERN Stack is the new MEAN stack …
  • Add your project details to variants.json in the cloned project and send a pull request.

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@mern_io: “MERN v2.0 : Turkish Angora is released! 📢 🍻 🎆

#ReactJS #MERN”

MERN is a scaffolding tool which makes it easy to build universal apps using Mongo, Express, React, NodeJS, Redux and Webpack. It minimizes the setup time and gets you up to speed using proven technologies.

MERN v2.0