Ionic 2 vs ReactNative vs NativeScript

Ionic 2 vs ReactNative vs NativeScript:  via @discoversdks #JavaScript #ReactJS

  • We have witnessed hybrid mobile application development frameworks that allow you to use the basic website languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript for developing mobile apps, and then we witnessed the native frameworks that not only allow you to use web tools for mobile development, but they also use the native API of Android or iOS (for UI and other functionalities) rather than imitating the native look!
  • We have seen several mobile development frameworks already, thanks to the speed it takes to develop new technologies from old technologies, we received the gold in the form of Ionic 2, React Native and NativeScript.
  • The interesting thing about hybrid apps is that they are hosted inside a native application which uses the WebView – which is kind of browser-less web pages loader, so you get access to mobile functionalities, such as, camera, contacts, gyroscope, etc. through website languages, like HTML, XML, CSS, etc.
  • WebView provides widgets that are different from browser web pages, and so all the web errors are ignored, because the purpose is to provide the HTML canvas for the app files to load onto it rather than the actual web pages functionalities and therefore the mobile applications are created just with the knowledge of website development.
  • This has a good effect on UX, as the user can have the similar experience of a native app, secondly, this is not a browser-based app like in PhoneGap/Cordova of Ionic, so the implementation is faster and runs quicker in mobile devices.

Ionic 2 vs React Native vs NativeScript – What to choose for mobile development – DiscoverSDK Blog

@HappyFunCorp: Ionic 2 vs ReactNative vs NativeScript: via @discoversdks #JavaScript #ReactJS

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Ionic 2 vs ReactNative vs NativeScript