Introducing Realm React Native

Introducing Realm #ReactJS Native – a replacement for SQLite and AsyncStorage:

  • Realm’s primary focus has always been ease of use, and as you can see from the samples above, Realm React Native is no different.
  • Realm React Native is much better because of their input, & we are honored to launch Realm React Native at React Conf 2016 !
  • Realm React Native itself has been used by TaskRabbit in production since December 2015 .
  • Realm React Native is built in the open on GitHub .
  • Tests conducted on February 19, 2016, using the latest versions available of Realm, React Native SQLite Storage for SQLite, and React Native Store for AsyncStorage.

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@ReactiveConf: “Introducing Realm #ReactJS Native – a replacement for SQLite and AsyncStorage:”

Today at Facebook’s React.js Conference, we’re launching a new Realm mobile database built specifically for React Native. It offers easy object persistence and full query capabilities, with a performance profile that’s usually 2–10x faster than existing options. Like the other editions of Realm, it is designed from the ground up to enable reactive app development, with live objects, change events, and support for unidirectional data flows.

Introducing Realm React Native