Improving React and Redux performance with Reselect

Improving @reactjs and #redux performance with #Reselect:  #react #js #javascript #developer

  • We now have a component that only understands the items in the cart.
  • If we had several hundred, or thousands of items, rerendering all the items in our cart would be costly even if only the tax-percentage changes.
  • Changing the tax percentage would trigger a recalculation of the items in the cart, but shouldn’t.
  • We define selectors as the functions that retrieve snippets of the Redux state for our React components.
  • The first function (Line 3) will simply get all the items in the cart and the second function represents a memoized selector.

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@rangleio: “Improving @reactjs and #redux performance with #Reselect: #react #js #javascript #developer”

When used together, React and Redux are an awesome combination of technologies that help us structure applications with a true separation of concerns. Even with React being extremely performant out of the box, there comes a time when even higher performance is required.

Improving React and Redux performance with Reselect