Impressions about VueJs & ReactJS. What people think…

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  • You already know about Flux/Redux, so here’s what Vue has to offer: – – Last, what continually has me impressed and coming back for more with Vue.js is its outstanding community, the professionalism of Evan and his contributors, its ease of use, and its no-brainer alignment with the Web Components…
  • A few things about Vue got me hooked over React, namely: – – “ I used Angular 1 for a little over a year then switched to React.
  • I’ve taken a look at Vue a couple of times but never really built anything with it, that being said I’ve heard nothing but great things about it and from the looks of it, it is pretty easy to pick up.
  • So I would argue that instead of looking for the easiest/ most powerful/ most popular framework out there it might be more useful to learn something useful to you long-term as a developer (although React also has the most popular thing covered).
  • I actually really wanted to do React, but Vue was just so much more approachable that I couldn’t justify spending the extra time learning React.

VueJS vs. ReactJS – what people think about libraries, frameworks & more. How will you decide which ones are worth spending time over?

With all the new libraries and frameworks it is pretty hard to keep up with all of them, and that is if you can even decide which ones are worth spending time over.

Let’s check what people say:

“ Working with Vue.JS was a great pleasure, I found the learning curve very shallow, however, that could purely be based on my experience, as mentioned before I have worked with a few in the past.

The default template structure feels very similar to how it was working with Angular, so developers coming from that background may pick it up a bit faster than they would with React. I cannot really go un-learn React to see if it influences how easy it was to pick up Vue.JS. “

Reme Le Hane

“ I prefer Vue.js over React. Vue.js is the new kid in Javascript town. So I would like to say the simplicity of learning is probably number one. Simplicity is built into its design.

So if you want to just want to learn a library, without a build system choose Vue. Vue.js is really approachable and provides a little more structure on how to take on various things. If you’re still in doubt try both. Also click here to read more on differences between ReactJS vs Vue.js vs AngularJS “

Kathreen Riya

“ To answer your main question, I would argue that Vue.js is an…

Impressions about VueJs & ReactJS. What people think…