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  • pre: – use Aerys\Router; – use App\Action\HomeAction; – – return (Router $router) = { – $router-route( – “GET”, “/”, new HomeAction – ); – }; – – And, from routes/api.
  • pre: – use Aerys\Router; – use (Router $router) = { – $router-route( – “GET”, “/api”, new HomeAction – ); – }; – – Though simple routes, these helped me to test the code in config.pre.
  • From App\Action; – – use Aerys\Request; – use Aerys\Response; – – class HomeAction – { – public function __invoke(Request $request, – Response $response) – { – $response-end(“hello world”); – } – } – – One final touch was to add shortcut scripts, to launch dev and prod versions of the…
  • From composer.json: – “scripts”: { – “dev”: “vendor/bin/aerys -d -c loader.php”, – “prod”: “vendor/bin/aerys -c loader.php” – }, – “config”: { – “process-timeout”: 0 – }, – – With all of this done, I could spin up a new server, and visit just by typing: – composer dev -…
  • js”); – – $response-end(” – div class=’app’/div – script src='{$path}’/script – “); – } – – I realized I could keep creating functions that returned promises, and use them in this way to keep my code asynchronous.

Chris bootstraps a basic Stardew-Valley-like game in this game development with PHP post, using an async server, preprocessors, and ReactJS!

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“I’d like to make a multiplayer, economy-based game. Something like Stardew Valley, but with none of the befriending aspects and a player-based economy.”

I started thinking about this the moment I decided to try and build a game using PHP and React. The trouble is, I knew nothing about the dynamics of multiplayer games, or how to think about and implement player-based economies.

I wasn’t even sure I knew enough about React to justify using it. I mean, the initial interface — where I focus heavily on the server and economic aspects of the game — is perfectly suited for React. But what about when I start to make the farming /interaction aspects? I love the idea of building an isometric interface around the economic system.

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Game Development with React and PHP: How Compatible Are They? — SitePoint