Excited to partner up with to deliver @ReactJS Advanced Workshop including HOCs, #Redux and…

  • Learned a lot!
  • Good introduction to the basics of React.
  • I see it as a very good starting point for further React development.
  • Very thorough introduction to React.
  • The presentations were very straightforward, especially with the format of the slides.

Interactive React and JavaScript workshop for public training, private company training, or conference workshops. The first workshop accompanied by an interactive web app for practical exercises.

Are you interested in hosting a public workshop that can be attended by anyone? You can pick the place, decide on the number of attendees, price of the tickets, etc. The only thing that you should care about is the marketing of the event. We’ll bring the knowledge and the materials!

Want to take your company’s expertise to the next level? Don’t waste precious time and money by aimlessly combing the internet for resources. With the Company Training you can tailor the course material specifically to the topics that matter to your business. All of the attendees will get the complete and undivided attention of the trainer.

Let’s be real here, attending a conference sounds way more attractive to people if it also includes a workshop. If you want to spice up your conference, the Conference Workshop is for you. Choose the topics that align with what the conference is about, and let’s rock!

The presentations include scrollable code snippets and interactive React components. Not quite the regular PowerPoint slides from the 90s that will make you fall asleep.

The presentations and exercises are always updated with the latest findings, standards, and best practices.

After each presentation, anyone can ask questions about the presented material. We’ll make sure that everything is clear before moving on.

A presentation is worth nothing without some practical work. Our unique web app will guide the attendees through the exercises, in which they…

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