Comparing Redux and Relay

Compare Redux and Relay:  #ReactJS

  • Relay has a root level component called RootContainer that acts like an entry point.
  • Relay leverages GraphQL query language to automatically decompose, store and modify the data received from the server.
  • Let’s make a mutation that changes the text of a TODO item, updates it on the server, and rolls back the change, if it fails.

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@ReactiveConf: “Compare Redux and Relay: #ReactJS”

When developing modern React applications, at some point you need to solve the
problem of managing your client-side state. Modern applications can’t
afford to wait for the server to react, can’t always refetch when changing
pages – they need to be reactive and feel as if everything is happening as fast
as possible. The state management layer of your application is responsible for
this. You can also call it your caching layer or a model layer.

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