An IDE for React.js – Arnaud – Medium

An IDE for React.js – Arnaud – Medium  #react #reactjs

  • Well, Reacto is a suggestion to the react community.
  • You can also get suggestions from npm registry right from Reacto.
  • Start creating new class-based react components now, and see how it looks anytime you’ll edit the file.
  • Today, I really hope that I can give something back to all of you, so that new developers start programming with the right tools, for free.
  • If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to comment below or open a new issue on github using “feedback” and “idea” labels.

It all started with a need for a software, free, that would provide everything for react development. I started working on this personal project two months ago and it is with an extreme joy that I am…
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MUSIC. FOOD. CODE. starts on Wednesday! @webdesignledger @JavaScriptDaily @smashingmag…

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Evolving Patterns in React

  • A good way of bypassing this is to use props destructuring together with JSX spread , as you can see here: – – So now, you can change the props needed for and be sure that those props are not referenced in multiple components.
  • If you are using Redux, you will recognize that the function is a HOC — takes your component and adds a bunch of props to it.
  • Let’s implement a basic HOC that can add props to existing components.
  • Each HOC will introduce an additional React Component in your DOM/vDOM structure.
  • Render props can be used in situations where you need some reusable logic inside the component and you don’t want to wrap your component in a HOC.*rJr_bOm3mD5V8_C5JaPrsQ.jpeg
Let’s take a closer look at some of the patterns that are emerging in the React ecosystem. These patterns improve readability,…
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Outreach hosts Seattle React.js

  • Join us in Fremont at Outreach for our first React.js event of the year!
  • Look forward to some great talks (presentation details will be announced shortly), food, drink and the great company of the Seattle React.js React Suspense?
  • – Ryan Florence – – – – React went through a rewrite called “Fiber”.
  • Now the team is working on taking advantage of the new architecture with async rendering called “Suspense”.
  • (more presentation details to follow)

Join us in Fremont at Outreach for our first React.js event of the year! Look forward to some great talks (presentation details will be announced shortly), food, drink and the great company of the Sea
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React State From the Ground Up

#ReactJS State From the Ground Up #JavaScript

  • State, in React, is a plain JavaScript object that allows you keep track of a component’s data.
  • The initial state of the App component has been set to a state object which contains the key username, and its value using .
  • Initializing a component state can get as complex as what you can see here: – – An initialized state can be accessed in the method, as I did above.
  • Your component should look like this; – – A state can be passed as props from a parent to the child component.
  • This method will be used to update the state of the component.

As you begin to learn React, you will be faced with understanding what state is. State is hugely important in React, and perhaps a big reason you’ve looked into using React in the first place. Let’s take a stab at understanding what state is and how it works. What is State? State, in React, is a plain JavaScript
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Ruby on Rails Is Dead — 2018 Edition – JetRuby

  • The rumors of Ruby’s nascent (inevitable, immutable, irreversible) demise have been whispered about for years inside developer locker rooms, and yet the language and Rails, the framework, are still around, powering hundreds of thousands of websites.
  • The TIOBE index (the index that uses search engine results) places Ruby in the top 20 technologies.
  • It just so happens that due to the unique nature of Ruby, we’re able to write clean code — faster, which is a great thing for startups and businesses that run on lean innovation.
  • Let’s not forget what makes Ruby greatRuby teaches you some great coding habits: such as TDD approach, MVC pattern, separate databases, DRY code, and restful routes, which in the end translates to clean code that needs less testing.
  • It’s up to you, but the truth is: if you’re making a web or enterprise app, with Ruby you’ll write better quality code, spend less time testing and launch your product before your competitors do, so you can start getting revenue and think about where to take your product next….

It’s 2018, and it’s high time for us at JetRuby to once again scrutinise everything we believe in, and answer the million (ish)-dollar question: The rumors of Ruby’s nascent (inevitable, immutable…
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5 Reasons Why I Love React Native – codeburst

“5 Reasons Why I Love #ReactNative” — @AdhithiRavi

  • If you know Javascript, it is easy to learn.I started writing my first React Native app, with zero prior experience in mobile application development.
  • Web developers can leverage their knowledge in Javascript to write React Native apps.
  • Don’t ever waste time recompiling.This is one of my most favorite aspects of developing React Native Apps.
  • Android Date Picker— Underlying Native WidgetiOS Date Picker — Underlying Native WidgetThese are some aspects of React Native that makes the developer’s life much easier and we don’t need to reinvent the wheel here.
  • With React Native build Android, iOS and Windows Apps all in Javascript.5.

React Native is very popular these days, and thousands of apps are already built using React Native. Big names like Facebook, AirBnB, Uber, and many other companies have embraced React Native and are…
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