9 React Tools To Master Your Component Workflow – Bits and Pieces

  • Basically, this project lets you define styled-components that posses their own encapsulated styles so that styling becomes an actual part of your components while avoiding the use of CSS classes as a mediator layer.
  • This project is growing in popularity to become the go-to choice for styling React components, and is defiantly worth checking out for your next app.
  • This project “scans” your app for React components and lets you render components with different states and props while mocking external dependencies, so you can see your app’s state in real-time.
  • React Sketch.appFor the UI designer / dev among you, React-sketchapp is Airbnb’s open source project built for design system which enables the rendering of React components using Sketch.
  • From sharing components between apps with Bit to styling with styled-components or using storybook to render and play with components in isolation, and all the way to less familiar projects like UiZoo and others, the React ecosystem is growing rapidly to help you build an amazing UI.

Best 9 React component tools and libraries that can make all the difference for mastering your work with React components for developing a beautiful UI for your React application. Check out the list.

9 React Tools To Master Your Component WorkflowStack overflow’s survey for 2017 ranked React as the most popular technology, and the one most loved by developers around the world.

Here is a curated (unranked) list of 9 tools that can make all the difference when it comes to your React components, and help you develop a beautiful modular component-based UI that fulfills your app’s true potential.

These tools are all open source and are valuable players in the React eco-system. If you have suggestions of your own, feel free to share. For popular UI component libraries and frameworks, you can also check out this list for 2018.

React Hero component with BitBit helps you turn your components into building blocks which can be organized and used in multiple projects and apps.

With Bit, you can simply choose components from any of your repos, let Bit isolate them for you and share them to the cloud — without changing a single line of code in your project, creating new repos or configuring anything.

From there, they can be installed with NPM / Yarn just like any other package. Bit also makes it possible to change the components you sync from any other project with 2–way code changes, creating a distributed dev workflow.

You can use Bit’s hub to organize a visual collection of your components, which will be presented with live examples, rendering, docs and more.

Here is an example…

9 React Tools To Master Your Component Workflow – Bits and Pieces