The Road to learn React [React.js Book]

  • Muhammad Kashif: “The Road to Learn React is a unique book that I recommend to any student or professional interested in learning react basics to advanced level.
  • Andre Vargas: “The Road to Learn React by Robin Wieruch is such an awesome book!
  • All JavaScript ES6 features, that I describe on the journey to learn React, will transition from ES5 to ES6 in the book.
  • The book does not only teach React, but also all useful JavaScript ES6 features for React.
  • The book is open source and should enable everyone to learn React.

The Road to learn React book is your way to learn React.js by building a real world application. It’s a huge tutorial where you will learn all the fundamentals in plain React before you dive into more advanced topics in React with Redux. Along the way, you will learn everything about JavaScript ES6 …
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Understanding The React Source Code — Initial Rendering (Class Component) IV

Understanding The #ReactJS Source #Code IV:  via @hackernoon #Javascript

  • /App.css’;class App extends Component { constructor(props) { super(props); this.state = { desc: ‘start’, }; }render() { return ( div className=”App” div className=”App-header” img src=”main.jpg” className=”App-logo” alt=”logo” / h1 “Welcom to React” /h1 /div p className=”App-intro” { this.state.desc } /p /div ); }}export default App;App@App.jsAs mentioned, the component above is rendered…
  • /App.css’;class App extends Component { constructor(props) { super(props); this.state = { desc: ‘start’, }; } render() { return React.createElement( ‘div’, { className: ‘App’ }, React.createElement( ‘div’, { className: ‘App-header’ }, React.createElement( ‘img’, { src: “main.jpg”, className: ‘App-logo’, alt: ‘logo’ } ), React.createElement( ‘h1’, null, ‘ “Welcom to React” ‘ )…
  • Initialize designated data structure:The step is the same as well:1) ReactDOMContainerInfo[ins] represents the container DOM element, TopLevelWrapper is instantiated (TopLevelWrapper[ins]) and is set to alongside the initialization of other properties;3) Again, mountComponentIntoNode is the cross point of upper and lower half, within which returns a complete DOMLazyTree that can be…
  • After those operations complete, the logic processes to the first ramification that is specific to class a `ReactCompositeComponent` from `ReactElement[1]`This step strips the wrapper and creates another ReactCompositeComponent instance to reflect the class component, App.The designated data structure:The call stack in | | | /* we are here */ |…
  • _renderedComponent = child; var markup = transaction, hostParent, hostContainerInfo, debugID); // scr: 3)…// scr: DEV code return designated data structure:The call stack in | | | upper half | /* we are here */ | |Same as in {post two}, the most important task of this step is to instantiate…

Understanding The React Source Code I
Understanding The React Source Code II
Understanding The React Source Code III
Understanding The React Source Code IV (this one) We have completed the rendering…
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More great #OpenSource from Lyft: Convert #ReactJS to #TypeScript with proper typing

More great #OpenSource from Lyft: Convert #ReactJS to #TypeScript with proper typing

  • Tests are organized in folder.
  • For each transform there is a folder that contains folders for each test case.
  • Each test case has and .
  • Pass with transform name and case name space separated to

react-javascript-to-typescript-transform – Convert React JavaScript code to TypeScript with proper typing
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What’s a react-native-ui-kitten?

What's a react-native-ui-kitten?

  • react-native-ui-kitten is a framework that contains a set of commonly used UI components styled in a similar way.
  • The main idea of this framework is to move style definitions into a specific place making components reusable and styled in a single way.
  • Documentation for this framework is here.
  • There is also a cool application built using our framework.
  • We will be happy to work with you!

react-native-ui-kitten – 🐱 Customizable and reusable react-native component kit
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Essential React Libraries in 2018

  • But in the end, when implementing a larger application, you need a couple of more libraries to have a sophisticated web application with React as its core.
  • The following article will give you an opinionated approach to select from these libraries to build a sophisticated React application.
  • In plain JavaScript, it would be possible to create a React class attribute with conditionals: – – But it is so much easier with the classnames library: – – It works perfectly with CSS modules too.
  • The library is for many people almost mandatory in applications when it comes to conditional stylings in React.
  • Basically a fetch looks like the following, for instance in a React lifecycle method when a component mounts: – – Basically you wouldn’t have to add any other library to do the job.

Often it is difficult to find all the relevant libraries to complement your React application, because React’s ecosystem is a flexible yet large framework. The article gives you an opinionated React setup by choosing essential libraries: Redux, MobX, React Router, Flow, Styled Components, Lodash, Ramda, Prettier, Axios, …
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What could blockchain do for politics? – Welcome to Blockchain – Medium

  • This is perhaps why the government in Tbilisi, under the leadership of justice minister Tea Tsulukiani, decided to make Georgia the first country in the world to use a blockchain to protect its land registry system.Blockchain is a system that makes an immutable ledger using sophisticated cryptography, distributing the database…
  • Imagine a UN-backed electoral blockchain that could be used as the gold standard to prevent corruption in elections, replacing the need for costly election monitoring programs.More Secure National RecordsThe Georgian land registry is one of the first examples of blockchain being used in this way.
  • A blockchain with a thousand or so computers on it, such as the Georgian land registry, but theoretically also a hospital patient database, electoral roll, or anything else you can think of, is much more secure than holding the database on a single server — as is the norm today — because attackers would…
  • North Korean hackers were later found to have been behind the attack.But by anchoring the smaller private blockchain to the behemoth bitcoin blockchain, which has millions of nodes and unbelievable amounts of computer power maintaining its integrity, the database becomes even more immutable.Land Records and Smart ContractsOther countries have taken…
  • On blockchain, no matter what buildings were lost, every record would be absolutely secure.The next step, according to Mari Khardziani, head of the international relations unit at Georgia’s National Agency of Public Registry, is to add the ability to incorporate “smart contracts” onto the blockchain itself, so that a Georgian…

The small nation in the Caucuses, with a population of just under four million, gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. But in 2008, under the pretext of supporting separatist movements…
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